Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Traumatized!!!! YEP that is the correct word for it!!
Last night, I walked into my dark living room and stepped into
the most gross pile of poop!!!!!
Because I didn't realize at first, I then stepped 2 more steps!
So as you can imagine, I completely freaked out!!!!
Poop everywhere!! My old dog nightmares had come to pass!!!!
Of course, All the boys found it sooo funny!
As a consequence, today MAX is on a leash!!!
I had read it in the Potty train in 5 days book that you need to
always have them on a leash till potty trained, but of course,
I felt that it was very extreme..??? NO LONGER!!!!!!
I guess I need to become the training Nazi!!!
I have been sick all night!!!
The worse part is that I think the pooping happened on MY WATCH!!

Well, the Lord now has me with a "Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit"!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeling melancholy

Melancholy is how I feel, Having spent the day yesterday and the evening before it at a Viewing and a Funeral for my Aunt who lived to be 101.
101 is a long time to live... She was blessed to have her mind at least 99% of her life!
Her siblings who have passed before her were not so lucky!
Her whole family was a family of workers!!
By that I mean, they were never time wasters, and were not afraid of hard work!!

It has me thinking of what Example I am setting for my family..??
I am capable of hard work and I am not afraid of it either..
But I am also very able in the wasting time area like no other!!! Ü

All the Aunts in my Father's family, well really ALL of them were AVID yard people!!
Not that my yard is bad, but they took such time and it really showed.
They were also Well educated people! Even those that did not have a formal education
made them selves well versed in many things and always was continuing learning
as long as they were able.. (My Mother also has a Bachelor's Degree)

I on the other hand, have run so fast & far away from College when I left after 1 year, that I
think that I have lost the way back!!??? Ü (I think that was a run on sentence?)
I do have my Insurance Licence, and keep it up to date. But I would like to be
like my BFF T.W.E. Who was smart enough to get her associate at the very least!
Smart in that she didn't get married and then quit!

What memories do we want to leave behind?
What things do we hope are forgotten? Or forgiven???Ü

My Sister had a interesting thought about talents..
Their having possibly another side to them..

She used the example of "Someone who at one point in their life, was thought by others to be great at organization, and delegation, could at another part of their life come across to others as controlling and bossy! Kind of a 2 edge sword.

Some how when she said that" Moderation in all things" came to my mind..??
I believe it pertains to more than food, for which it is used the most.
You can control some of your world but not all of your world!
So in trying to control the universe, people will find you at least at some point, a pain in the butt!

I am praying that I will learn from the things that I see others do , so as not to learn the hard way!!!!!!

The one thing that I know is true, I was blessed to come into the most wonderful family!
Who through their Faith and hard works, have set an example that will be hard to beat!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Being run ragged! Ü

I have been transported back to early Motherhood!
I forgot how much I hated potty training!!!!!
It is lucky that he is CUTE! HA
I could not find a picture of a terribly frazzled woman for the
Blog...It is more emotional than physical tiredness.
But that is how I felt with my kids.

Max has done quite well, being only 2 months old and having no idea
if any potty training had been begun before the 18th!!??
I realize that I may have to call the people that sold us Max.
I have a million questions of what his life had been first.?
So far for 2 days he has only pooped once and peed 4 times..
Not bad for a start!!Ü

Max is a funny little guy. Brave one minuet, scared and hiding
behind me or something the next. HA
We are in for a wild ride!!

Did I tell you that I said a big long prayer for both of us!!
I figured that we both needed all the help that we could get!!!!
I truly believe that the Lord hears and answers our Prayers..
I think that sometimes we just don't ask for quite the right thing..
So his answer might not be quite what we are looking for...?
I realize that sometimes the answer is NO, but if you phrase the question
wrong or only ask half of what you need, where does He go with that??
So I have been trying to be as exact as possible!!! HA HA
In hopes that the answer will be like wise.. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Is MAX, The New Member of the Family!

I have had for the longest time, the feeling that we should get a dog..???
I am not a huge animal lover, so this has been a very strange experience
for me!!!!!
I picked up the paper today and read about some MaltePoms(SP) for sale.
I felt that I should call and find out about them..??
The Guy lives about 15 miles from us and My wonderful husband knew right where
it was..??
We were told that the 2 months old puppies were sold but that the 2 week old ones
were for sale and that we could come pick out one and leave a deposit..
Now, I know that, that sounds crazy!! But for some reason, I still had to go..
We get there and the lady shows us the new borns all the while holding Max.
Now Max wasn't his name then,, but the minute I saw Max, I knew that He was
the one I had been looking for!!!
The Lady asked if I wanted to hold Max. He looked at me and I looked at him!
Love at first sight!!!
The Lady then tells us that if we have Cash, Max could be ours...?
Well, My Sweet Heart pulls out cash and says does this work??
Where in the world did he get that kind of cash?????
Why did they all of a sudden offer that Dog to us??
I am having a hard time not feeling that Max was waiting for us!
Also, the sense of peace that has come to me is also strange..
(and That is after he has pooped and peed on my floor!!!????)

So join us in Welcoming him to the Family!

His name is Max
He was born Dec. 16th 2008
His Father is a Maltese
His Mother is a Pomeranian

This Crazy looking thing has stolen all our hearts!

For all that know me, I believe I am now officially NUTS! Ü

Friday, February 13, 2009

I have kind of copied my sister's idea!
Coping is the highest form of flattery! HA HA
(I am sure that 46 years later, your as flattered as you can stand! HA HA HA)
My Sweetie and I had our Valentine's Day Date today!
We had a Great Time.
Red Lobster is one of our Favorites!!! YUM!
We have the Blessing of having our Grand Son coming tomorrow, and we wanted to be able
to spend time with him and Not be gone the whole time..
We aren't as Lucky as some, He does not live very close to us , so this is a special treat!
The 2 boys are excited to have him come also!

Well, Back to Valentine's Day! Ü

I am so Great Full that they had Valentine's day Party at School today!
That only leaves just a handful to handout tomorrow!!

We are planning on making cookies in the shape of a heart..
They are chocolate Chip so I don't know if they will want them frosted..???
I also want them to do a Valentine's Craft..
I am still looking over all the possibilities! HA
the last few crafts that we have done when DP was here were foam ones..
They all like them, but i am looking for something different!
You know, Low budget, but lots of fun!! Ü

My Sister's family is ill , they would have been
a fun group to add to the mix, but that will have to
be for another day!

I have made a big batch of Chili for the Boy's..
They had it for dinner tonight while we were out.
I made a Chicken stuffing casserole for dinner last night, so
we are set for DP's Visit..
I had wanted to make chicken soup,Which is the Boys
favorite but I had run out of Broth!
They were very sad..
Maybe we will make rolls too..
I usually make my Sweetie a cake, but cookies and cake is alot of Junk!
I also have bought Them each(the little boy's) a Valentine Heart of Reeses Chocolate..
I bought my Sweet Heart a Box of lindor Chocolates.. YUM!
We are on a budget this year!!! Big Time! So the Red Lobster is a Big Splurge!!!
Good thing Chili goes far and is Cheap!!!!!!

They are having a Big food drive here,
My Sweet Heart has volunteered to help pick up the bags of food at 10:00 AM
The bags were delivered by the Deseret News and the other Papers around the area..
They are asking for Protein stuff like peanut butter and Chili, Tuna, and Such.. Veggies also.
There are so many people that are needing lots of help!
Pray that the hearts of the People are touched!!
I think that it is a Great Start to Valentine's Day!
Doing something for Other's!

As I Have Loved You, Love One Another!

Maybe I need to put more in the bag than I thought..

Have the Greatest Day!!!! Ü

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tag your "IT"!

My Dear Sister has Tagged me!!!
So Now here goes..

First I need to post the Rules.

  • Write 6 random things about myself.
  • Link the person who tagged you.
  • Post the rules.
  • Tag six people.
  • Let them know they have been tagged.


1-I Love Rainy Days, and Lightening!
2-I some how keep thinking that we need a Dog! YIKES!!!! (one that doesn't shed, with a nose)
3-I once took a Cake Decorating class. (As in 2 months of one)
4-I love Long Hot Showers, I am not really a Bather
5-I love Day Lillie's and Pansy's out in a Garden.
6-Sunset is my favorite time of Day.

I will have to talk to my Sister, who tagged me and find out if the people I tag have
to have a blog or just e-mail.
Everyone that I know have already been tagged! YIKES Ü
I also don't know how to link anything yet..

Sunday, February 8, 2009


My Hubbie and I teach the over flow Gospel Doctrine class.
We started in Isaiah! We are now in the D&C.
It started out with only 5 people in the class.. (2 of them our children Ü)
We now have over 30 on most days......
I have taught the last 2 weeks. Lesson 5 & 6 are like 2 sides to a coin.
Both are about Personal Revelation. getting and receiving them..
Some how I thought that by teaching both it would be soo much easier..
Basically the same study stuff and all...
In a way it was almost like having a Ground hogs day...
The feeling that I had already done this..??
Everyone stopped and said that I had done a very good job, and all I could think
of was, how Grateful I am for the Holy Ghost!!!!
The Spirit must have said to them something totally different than what
I had taught!
That is my Prayer every week that I teach.. That the Holy Ghost will touch
the hearts of the People who are there to find answers!
So this week, I believe that the spirit was working over time with my lesson!Ü
We have such a Great Group of People..
At first no one would answer Questions, but now... you almost have to over look
hands being raised.. Some people just blurt out their answers!
To be honest, I would rather that they blurt out the answers than just sit there
like a lump, waiting for the hour to be over!
We have come a long way from 5 people!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am still configuring my Blog.Ü

My wonderful Sister gave me some info that has changed the look of my blog!!
I Love it!!!
Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you!!!
There was something missing and I believe that I have found it! YAH!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday J

I guess I should tell "J" Happy Birthday!
25 years ago today was quite a day!!!
We are so glad you came our way!!!
Love MOM

My movtivation for this BLOG.

I started this Blog due to a saying on my calendar.
It says:

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, You will never Grow!!!

Below the saying were 3 signs: Opportunity Ave./ Easy Street/ Lazy Way/

I have looked at it all of January!!!!!

Still figuring things out! Ü

I still can't figure out what I want to add to my bolg..
so , Please be patient with me.. Thanks
hi, I hope that I have sent you the right address.
P. said that I may have not sent it right???