Friday, April 24, 2009

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!

Last night around 7:30 ish PM.
My sister called to say that our Mom had fallen
and they had called to have us take her for stitches.
She had been watching TV and the sun was blinding her.
She got up to close the blinds and somehow fell,
hitting her head on a podium that they use for church services.
Arriving at the assisted living Home, we found her still
lying where she had fallen. Bloody towels, but the head wound
in really good shape..
We were able to borrow a wheel chair , that was a life saver
for all 3 of us! Ü
Even though she had hit her head, she complained of back pain
the whole time. Lower back pain.
We took her to the insta-care first, they looked her over and
then sent us to the emergency room. Her pupils were 2 different sizes.
At the emergence room, the did a cat scan and found no problems.
but the back x ray found that she had a small fracture that they can not
do anything about! YIKES!
They also found that she had hit a vein on her head so stitches were called for.
They will be removed in 7 days.
She was sent home and will be VERY SORE for days!!!!!!
She was so grateful to slide into her own warm bed...
Before they stitched her head, she kept forgetting that her head was injured!
The funniest thing was when we were checking her into the emergency room.
She was unable to answer the questions, so My sister and I filled in the blanks.
When the nurse left, she said, "I am the one who fell, why are they just talking
to you 2?" No good deed goes unpunished!!! HA
To say the least it was a very Long night!
We arrived home close to 12:AM!
MOM was a good sport with all the poking and prodding from everyone!
I believe that the blood pressure taking was the worst part for her!
Well, the shots and the cleaning of the wound was also hard for her!
I did not take any pictures of this. To be honest, it never occurred to me. Ü
She looked like she needed a drum and a fife with her bandage on her head. Ü
My sister said" I have no idea what the Lord has planned for MOM?"
I too wonder what the big picture is for her!!?????
It is very hard to see her in such pain! YIKES!!!!!

I am soo tired this morning and I am not the one with the head and back pain! Ü

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 Crazy Days! Ü

We have had 2 very full days!
First, we were working at Tom's again..
The Cabinets, Bottom ones were installed.
They look GREAT!!!
Then The last soccer game of the season for W.T.S.
They Won! It is always good to End with a Win and a Trophy! Ü
The Coach is so Great! We Just Love Her!!

Then Baseball started for the little Guy also that
night.. Practice....

Then today had us going out of town for my Sweetie to fix a small problem at a home up the way.. Then it was the big hair cut day for Max!
The Mobile Guy does such a great job!!
I don't think that you can tell what his hair cut really looks like.
We picked all three trying to show off his new do!
He was given a bandana.. Boys get those.. girls a bow..Ü
He wore it proudly!! HA

Here is the Little Guy in his baseball stuff..
They played the first game of machine pitch!
Exciting stuff!!

After this we will be having double headers..
The 13 year old and the little guys baseball schedule are almost the same except
for the times!!! YIKES!!!!

(The funniest thing is that both boys are on the Boston Red Socks..
Both #4 HA HA HA
That is what they both came home with, Not knowing what the other one
was getting! Ü
To say the least, the 13 year old was not impressed!!!
The little Guy on the other hand was thrilled!! Ü HA HA HA)

The Boys OF Summer are at it again!

Good thing that We Love Baseball!! Ü

I had posted the picture of the Little Guys Soccer team, but decided that
it wasn't mine to post!
I would feel like I needed permission !
But it was a Great picture!!

Pictures of the Budget planters in their place and of Tom's yet to come.
I have been advised to leave the trees as they are.. I guess they are a lot of Work
to keep them looking good as spirals!

So for now they will stay as is! Ü

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Copy Cat, Dirty Rat! Ü

Did I mention that
My Sister in Law has the greatest Urns at her front Door!
I checked out urns and they were totally out of my budget!! I also had already done geraniums but was wanting spiral trees..
So I bought 3 Urn type things that were gray for $5.99 each and painted them black for $5.00.
Then bought 3 juniper trees for $3.99 each.
And bought 2 packs of 6
flowers for $2.99 each.
Each has 4 flowers and one tree.
I think they turned out Great for being on a tight budget!!!!
I am going to add Ivy to fill in the blank spots when the cuttings sprout roots!

Next on the list is cutting the trees into spirals!
(The Lady at the nursery told me how..??)

This is just an experiment!!! Ü

They are in the back yard under the patio till the wind stops!
(That could mean that they never leave!!) Ü
They are really for the front of the house..

Did I mention that I love Flowers??!!!

So to my Sister In Law,
The idea was from her good taste that I was trying to copy !
Her's look FAB, but for me and my budget, this works Great! Ü

Thank you Sweetie for the support& the money! Ü
He is so Awesome!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Work in Progress!!

This is Tom's.

It is where I slink off to most days..Ü

For those that have never seen Tom's,
We have installed new windows and will be having the roof made right then the place stuccoed and cement poured..

It should look like a whole different place!!

The yellow room is the kitchen.
It will have white cabinets, and White

This is the Bathroom.
It too, will have white cabinets.
It looks like a totally different bathroom than it did at first!

The people who have lived here should come see the changes!!!
They are amazing! Ü

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Orange Belt!!

Our Wonderful Grandson, has passed his Orange Belt test!!

He has just started !

We are so proud of him!

He will be coming to stay with us this weekend!!

We are so Blessed to have him in our life!!! Ü
We Love you D.P.!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Easter came early here!!

Max, (our version of a hairy, big eared bunny Ü,) woke us up at 4AM!!
Sorry about the fuzzy focus, But I was trying to have him look like a Bunny! Ü

We have C.F & Hubby, D.F. coming to Easter Dinner.
It will be Great.

We are having a Pork Roast..

I bought a Ham, but we decided that we would have fried ham sandwiches for lunch instead, and the roast,and
deviled eggs, barbe"Q"ed Asparagus, with jello eggs and Yummy Easter cookies!
We were rained out yesterday so no 4 Wheeling!! We are going next week with our Grandson!
So we will have fun then! Ü

Our flowers are looking Great!
It is a beautiful day today!!!
The Camilla's (I think that I spelled that wrong?)
Are blooming for the first time in 3 years!!
I have no idea what we have done different?? But
We sure love them!
There is to be a storm again around Wed!
I can't wait for Spring to really get here!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Party Time!!

Party Time!!!!

Today we spent the afternoon at our Grand Sons
Birthday party..
He had invited 3 friends and 5 cousins and us.
There was Swimming,ping pong,basket ball
and Food!! Pizza, Hot Wings & a Vegas Cake!!
(He picked out the cake! His mother tried to steer him to another cake but he wouldn't have it!)
He is very proud of that Cake!!
Oh, to be 9 again..
No one wants to be grownup more than he does!!
I believe that "A fun time was had by all"!!
The grownups in the picture are, his Aunt(pretty brown hair) and His Father and Father's Girlfriend.
I also took pictures of my sweetie and the 13 year old playing ping pong, and our Daughter ..
I have no idea what happened to those pictures..??
They never made it home!!????
I don't know if it is the camera or the card???
Pray that it is the card!!
I can afford that!! The camera, not so much!! Ü

Friday, April 3, 2009


I have spent all morning trying to buy a Wet tile saw at Home depot!
1& 1/2 hours at the first store, just to find out that they don't sell the floor models..
then another hour going across town to another one that the first one had called ahead
to say that I was coming and that they needed to have it ready for me..
Did they do that..??? NO!!!! The Lady said that they had 2 so she saw no reason to do so!!!YIKES!
I guess he didn't say that they had already wasted 1&1/2 hours of my life.. what was another hour!!!
Also, why is it so much cheaper on line???
We needed it today not days or weeks from now!!!
I just find it crazy that something that is a standard product is not kept always on hand..???
There should always be 3 of everything!!!!
It always says that they have 1, but the 1 is the FLOOR MODEL and they don't sell the FLOOR MODEL! So why count it as anything????? CRAZY, CRAZY,CRAZY!!!
And Because no one is really in charge, nothing will ever change!
Do the people who are in charge ever try to buy thing at their own stores??
It might have a few things be different if they did.. you know like a secret shopper..?!
One thing is the cooler, have they ever worked in humid conditions??? day ofter day??
Lowes knows that people want forced air not humid sweaty air!! YUCK!
Well, enough of that!

I hope that your day has been much better than Mine!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tom's House

My sweetie and I have been working at Tom's all week!!

We have finally painted the Bathroom and the Kitchen..YELLOW!! Ü
I have painted all the patch work that was done by the electrician..
I have painted the spots where someone had hung curtins and then removed them leaving
the anchors still in the wall. YUCK!
I have finished the door way that use to be the front door!!!! That took forever!!!
(I hope that my Sister likes how it turned out! It was way more work than I had first thought!!!)
I am not a perfectionist, but it sure brought that out in me!
Maybe it was due to the fact that when you sit in the living room it draws your focus.. or
it is just that every little thing made me redo it!???
I finally had to say that it was as good as it was going to get!!!!

My sweetie has tiled most of the Bath room today..
He was a great ceiling painter!!!
And if you get a chance to see the place, check out the windows!
He had framed them out so nicely!!
They were such a mess from where the cement walls had crumbled when the windows
had to come out...!!! They look Fab!! Ü
We are trying to finish the bathroom and Kitchen so that the other people that need to come in and do things can get going...!!
I haven't taken any pictures yet.. But maybe tomorrow..??
Boy if feels Great to say that things are really moving forward in a way that it has not been
going for the last while!!
We have a glitch with the tile saw..
We were able to borrow one today from a friend, but that will not always be the case!
So I am going back to the Big City and buy one..
There is just too much tile to rent.. It is over 100 a day!!!
and we will be doing that for quite a few days!!!
We had bought one but it turned out to not cut a 18 inch tile!
So we returned it and then went to the big city but found not the right one but on line, we found the best one and I will hopefully be getting it tomorrow!!!??
They only have the floor model and we are hoping to get that at a discount!!??
Keep your fingers crossed!

I have paint on my hands that will not come off!!
I wash my hands like Micheal Jackson and still it won't come off!!!
I went to a Missionary setting apart with paint hands..
I kept them folded or under my skirt the whole time!!

I found a few spots that need touching up so that will be after the drive to the
big city!! I am hoping that we can get this ready for What ever by May or June..??
It is really helping to have my Sweetie able to work there everyday this week to get things
moving along!!! He has to do his day job first thing tomorrow, but will be there after lunch.
Sat. is our Grand Son's Birthday party.. So the work will have to wait!!
We may still work there that morning..??
It is so fun to see it all coming together!

What a blessing to have the work!!!
Again, God works in mysterious ways! Ü