Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break?????

It is suppose to be"SPRING BREAK"!

Where is Spring???
It really snowed here!
I was too slow to get the snow in my yard before it melted, the day of the BIG FLUFFY SNOW FLAKES!
We had driven all over looking at the snow! By the time we arrived home, it was almost gone..
Then Rain!
They just said that there is a Winter Storm Warning for our area!!!
Again, Where is "SPRING??""..

The Boy's have been in the house for almost the whole week!!!!
I am going to go BONKERS if the weather doesn't calm down soon!! Ü

We drove up to the Mountain and
WOW what a beautiful sight!!!
A Winter Wonderland!!!

I hope that it pays off this Summer!!!

This is the 3rd Blog in just a few days.. I was back logged!!
I believe that I am now caught up!!

Ward Game Night!!

We have the Funnest Ward
Party People!!

We had a ward Game Night and It was Fun!

We almost didn't go!

We had signed up to take Bananas and Whipping Cream so we at least had to show up to bring them..

The boys wanted the treats..
Banana Splits or Root beer floats! YUMMY!!

They had fun activities for all the family..
and for all ages!!

We were SOOO GLAD that we had gone!!

A bowl of M&M's in front of everyone helped!! (it was for BINGO)

as you can see, the Little Guy and the 14 year old and My Sweetie were called up to do some fun things.
Everyone put their names in a bucket and then names were drawn out to see who played...
again it was FUN!!

Great Job Bro & SIS. "T"

Old Times..

My sister in law visited Tombstone AZ the other day..
Here is a picture of the Oldest building still standing.

My Sweetie and I happened to travel to Silver Reef UT.

It is kind of the same building.

They were built around the same time..

I just question the multi door thing..??

Maybe there were 3 or 4 stores inside?

The silver Reef one was a bank.

Just thought it was interesting..
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