Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time warp? Clothing Rant!!!

I believe I have fallen into a time warp!
I decided that a new Sunday out fit was due since the
last one was 5 years ago!!!!!
Well, to my surprise...It is suddenly the 60's????
I really did not enjoy all the crazy things of the 60's..
I always felt it was just a reflection of the Drug Culture!!??
Everything looks and seems good with a little LSD or POT!!!
I walked into Dillards and there I am ...Time Warp!!

One of the worst parts of these styles is that they all remind me of
maternity clothing!! I swore off them almost 9 years ago!! YUCK!!!
I guess I should have alerted the Media, for They definitely did not get the message!

I do love the longer length shirts.
(I think everyone is glad that
my tummy is all contained
under the long shirts! HA)

I also found that you had the choice of dressing
as if I was still 12 years old... or 90 years old!!
What is that about??
All they talk about in TV and the internet is the
Baby boomers and aging and nothing for us??

Someone is missing the mark!!!!
Someone could make a fortune!!!!
Maybe they thought that all us boomers
were Druggies in the 60's and would be having a
midlife crisis and wanting to relive our youth!!????

All I know is I am looking for some simple things!
normal jeans with normal pockets and tee shirts, A-line skirts with out paisley!
Things with out lots of frills that add 10 pounds..
and not looking like a peasant!

Am I asking too much??

I think Not!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

our 4th of July

The Stadium of Fire this year
had Carrie Underwood Headlining.
It also had The 15 year old and I in it!
The 15 year old was in the biggest Eagle Scout Court of Honor ever held.
The Governor was there and the Head of Scouting was there.
I even shook Lou Diamond Phillips hand. I also shook the hand of the oldest living Eagle Scout and also LaVell Edwards hand.. There was quite a crowd! 50,000 to be exact!
My cousin John Houston played in the Eric Dodge band that performed as the opening act! They were Great!

My sweetie was in charge of the camera due to the fact that I could not carry one..We also had to be where he could not be.. so no pictures of the eagle scout thing!
The best Surprise was that my sweetie's cousin JS and her son KS was also doing the Eagle Scout thing!!! What a life saver!!! We had a Great time!!!!

As you can see , my in laws and our Daughter CF and her Husband DF also came to see the 15 year old and myself be in the program...
One of the neat things that they had was an Eagle's Nest for the court of Honor.
They had every Eagle scout in the audience stand and hold a paper with the Eagle Scout emblem !!! it was quite stunning to see all the eagle scouts that were there!!!! It was amazing!!

We were also able to spend time with our oldest son and his wife in the morning before we drove to Provo from Draper. It was Great to see them!!

The next day we woke early and made it back in time to eat with My Brother and Sister's Families for Dinner!!! It was Great to see them too!
We had not seen our Brother since January when Mom died...So it made it extra special!
The following day the 15 year old was in the Town parade again wearing the Scout uniform carrying a banner in front of the National Guard entry..
that Evening we had a BBQ with our across the street neighbors and then family and neighbors came to light of ton's of fireworks and see the city ones.. it is always a "BLAST" HA HA

We had a Great time.. The only thing better would have been seeing our Oldest Daughter and our Grandson and Christian!! (YOU WERE MISSED!!!)

I love the 4th of JULY!!! Ü