Saturday, August 29, 2009

update Aug. 29th 2009

The Fire place is out and sealed up..
The new furnace is at least in place
and the new duct work is to be put together
Tuesday sometime..??
We have sealed up (where, when the plumbing was
very old and needed repair all the time) the wall in the living room.
The Gas line into the house has been drilled, and the lines into the house for
the furnace have been drilled!
The kitchen window trim and base boards have been painted. and
the fridge is in place.. We will be hooking it up to water for the ice machine
that is already inside..The dishwasher is in place but not hooked up.
The furnace room entrance will now be big enough for the water heater to be
moved if a change is ever needed..
The front bed room has been puttied and needs to be sanded then primed then painted..
I believe that there will also be a gas line put into the laundry room just in case the
next owner or the renter wants to buy a gas dryer....
We were told today by the outside worker guy.. S.H. that the stucco guys should be there
Monday or Tuesday..???
I think that is what they said last week..??
They still need to fix the windows and I guess power spray the house..??
So who really knows when the final coat will be in place?????
All I know is that I am TIRED!!!!! Ü
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Canning Season!!!

Have I mentioned that it is canning season??
Well here is the bounty of our Garden and also
the bounty of Peaches kindly given to us!!!!
We have made Salsa from our garden,
Whole tomatoes also from our garden!
Pickles both sweet and Dill from our garden..
We have been given tons of peaches!!
So we have bottled whole peaches,
Spice Peach Jam (THANKS T.W.E), and Raspberry & Peach Jam!!!
We were also given 2 jars of Honey from a neighbor who we had given jam!!
We have also dried peaches!!!
And as you can see, as of tonight I still have a 5 gallon bucket and then a bucket
of peaches!!?? YIKES!!!! Maybe we will dry some more...??
It is so much easier than Bottling...!!!???
The boys want more Jam!!!
That is what I will be doing till the visiting teachers get here in the morning!!!???
I just realized that I still have beans to freeze!! YIKES!!!!
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a revised update

I am trying to UPDATE correctly the new things at Tom's!!
I had said that the last picture was current and I had picked the wrong photo and
had not realized it till my sister told me that it was of the house with the Black paper
that the stucco guys put on before the stucco..??
We have also torn out the fire place.. This is not the most recent picture!
That will come tomorrow after My visiting teachers leave and I go to work...
Also, I have just realized that my camera is dating things a Day ahead..
I really did not take these on Sunday!!
They were taken today, the 24th at work!! B.L.B. can vouch for that.. He helped dismantle
the fireplace!! We did NOT WORK on SUNDAY!!!! I PROMISE!!
I am sorry to report that there is now a fine layer of soot all over
the place in the living room!!???
I hope that I can clean it up !!!!!! YIKES!!!!
We are hoping that the Stucco guys will get there tomorrow!!??

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some more changes at Tom's

This is Tom's house today..the bottom is after the windows were replaced.
I am going to look for older photo's to really show the transformation!!
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

School Daze

DId I mention that school has started and that the little guy is going to a new school?????
He has a great teacher and he knows a few of the kids from his old school..
The 14 year old won't let me take a picture of him..???
I will keep trying!!
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We had some visitors the other day...

They came for S.'s family to get family photo's taken....

We were lucky enough for a over night visit!!!!

We don't see them very much..

I have no idea if MOM even knew who they were, but she was happy
to see them any way!! HA Ü

We hope that they come again soon!!!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We Ran Away!!!!!

After the 2 and 1/2 Months of dealing with all MOM'S falls and things being finally as good as it was ever going to get..... We ran away!!!!
I was needing some major R&R!!!! So we ran to a place that has no phone, no doorbells, no one asking for anything..
I was empty!!! I lived like a hermet! There were other cabin owners up there, but I was so emotionaly drained that
I avoided them, even though I really like them alot!! My bucket was empty!!! And my sweet boy's spent the day's filling me back up!!!!
We laughed and played games.. rode ATV's, ate alot of great food, and walked and walked!!!
There is no better place for peace and calm!! I had cried all that I could. I don't even know if empty is the word for how just done I was???
I had in the months of falls, there was nothing left.. All that was left was questions...Like, why has my friends Parents passed when they were still useful and productive and then there is My Sweet Mother who would be such a Great Helper on the Other side.. being that she
doesn't even remember herself much less her children...??? There are a lot more questions that I have about this!!!!
So I spent the time pondering all the things of this world and next and thinking about how much I don't know on the subject!!!!
I also spent the time being Greatful for My Husband and Kids!!! They have all been so great during all of this!!!
I realize that they have no idea of what it is like to have your Parent lose their memories.. But this is the 2nd time for me!!!
I am sure that if I had the Big Picture, I would be handling this in a much more Grown up way!!!
I also spent the time feeling guilty for leaving my most wonderful Sister back home dealing with everything all alone!! YIKES
What kind of a Sister am I??? Leaving all the cleanup to her..IF you see her.. Pat her on the back and tell her what a Great Daughter
she is to our Mother and What a Bad Sister she has!!! Ü She really deserves Better!!! Ü
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