Sunday, April 25, 2010

Complete Blank!

I am sorry to say that my mind is Blank!
I know that I have gone forever with out blogging!

The boys are both in 2 sports now and that is keeping me hopping!

The 14 year old had his board of review back on the 11th, but he has yet to have his
Court of Honor. He is wanting to have it with his friend and we haven't heard if the paper work was turned in yet or what..?? So some time soon he will be officially made a Eagle Scout!!!

Max has had another really short hair cut! It is really short this time!!

My Sweetie has worked out of town with his Brother in Law, both in Tumbstone, Az and
then in some little town in Nebraska..?
He is home for a while! I have no idea if and or when the next time will be..???
It has been real Money! We haven't seen that for a while!! So thanks for that!!!!Ü

We have put in 2 different Gardens. a little one behind our home.
The other one,(twice as big) behind a rental that our Family owns.
Just the weeding will keep us busy this summer!!
We hope to have a bumper crop!! ???(If the Lord is Willing?)

Sorry this is so crazy!
I will do better next time!

Pictures will be coming!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring is Finally here! Ü

The first picture is the Durby!
The little Guy's car won the best in show!
He will be able to go to the Expo and
show his car and compete for the overall best in show..

The Older boys planted stuff in the Garden and it looks Great!
They also planted a bigger garden behind the rental we have been fixing up.
So we hope to bottle a lot of things!!
Good job guys!!!