Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane..

The day after Mom's Funeral...

I ran away!!

Some wonderful cousins wanted
to visit Pine Valley..
And so we were Off
on an adventure into the past!

You may not know this..
But My Grand Mother was born in
Pine Valley..

I am related to some of the people who still
live there..
I have visited there many many times
in my youth..
I have camped and fished there also.

Somehow is felt right to be there
that bright Sunday Morning!!

My wonderful Sister brought books
about our Family history.

We had a tour of the Chapel, and
the Sister Wife's home that is still standing..
The Yellow home was where
2 Sisters lived.
And in my youth
we would always stop and visit them.
They were full of stories.

There is the Headstone of Our Great Grand Father
and All his wives on the back!! YIKES!!
(I am surprised that he didn't take up Drinking
Trying to please all those women!!) Ü

We also looked at the
Bishop's Store house, which was also
the Relief Society Building.

Then off to Lunch!!
What wonderful conversations we had!

Thank you to the 3 that helped make
the Day happen!
(you know who you are!)

It was a Good Day!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This has been one of the Saddest days of My Life!

This Morning, around 6 or 7 Min. to 2Am..My Dear Mother Passed Away!!!!!

She had fought the Good Fight!

She had decided Saturday to start her Trip Home!!
With nothing to eat or Drink (due to her refusal to do so)
From Saturday to this early Morning, With Lungs full of
Pneumonia, and Hot with Fever..She was Done!

My Wonderful Sister and I were blessed with being there for HER
in her final journey!

Something that I am sure no one ever knew but Me..???
My Mother has the softest hands!!!
When I was a child, In Church, she would draw with her hands on my face...
Her hands felt like Silk!
In her final days, she had taken her hand and brushed the tears and Hair off of my Face...
With her now even softer hands..

She got so it hurt to be touched and that was hard.. Knowing that your slightest touch
would bring her pain!!

But in her final moments, she was not bothered by it!

My Sister and I just held her hands after, for about 1/2 an hour before we called anyone!
Knowing that we would have very little time to ever hold her hands in this life again!

Those beautiful hands that had held me during ALL my hard times..
Those hands that could lead music like they was born to do it!
Those hands that could make Donuts that just melted in your mouth!
Those hands that always were raised in welcome to all she knew!
Those hands that never wanted to wave good bye!
Those hands that would stroke my hair when I was scared at night.
Those hands that would sew clothing for me to wear!
Those hands that were always bearing gifts for my Children.
Those hands that held my babies with such Great gentleness!!
Those hands that brought such comfort!
Those hands that were such hard workers!

My oh My.. how I will miss those hands!!
Those hands that were always ready for Prayer.