Monday, November 30, 2009

Things that I am Thankful for!

I have no pictures of Thanksgiving! We had 2 different Thanksgivings and still ...No Pictures..
Had my camera each and every time.. Yet...NO PICTURES!!

I realized that today was the last day of November and I had yet to write about all that I am thankful for..

1-My Family!!! (that includes In Laws)
2-Our Friends (You Know who you are!! Ü)
3-Great Neighbors
4- Great Ward!!
5- My Health (what little is left!! Ü)
6-MAX (our Dog)
8- Our Wonderful Home!
9- Kolob
10-Probably this one is First...The Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.
I know that everything on my list comes From God!!!
I am so ever grateful for the atonement and that it is for us all!!
I am also very Grateful for the Plan Of Happiness that has us live again
as Eternal Families..
With My Mother so close to Death, To know that I will see her again, makes this
just a extended vacation.. not a Loss...She will be Misses!!!! Don't get me wrong!
No one could ever have a better Mother than the 3 of us have had!!!
We were blessed with Great Parents.. and a Great Life!!!
I have been saddened that all my children have not had the opportunity
of knowing them.. (In their prime) (with their minds clear)
But with Faith, we know that those opportunities are yet to come on the other side..!

I want to Thank all those who have been so Great to me and my Family during this
whole "MOM" thing!! It is about the Hardest thing I have ever done!!!
I just Pray that she will , when it is her time, pass quietly and peacefully..
She has been nothing but kind to all she has ever known!
She is still smiling when we see her.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stolen Picture!! Veteran's Day 2009

I have stole the picture that my Sister
posted on her blog..
My Camera had died.. So I missed
this one!! Thank you for taking it SIS!!!

For those who have not seen the other pictures from this evening..
Scroll down...Ü

A Handsome Group Of Guys! Ü

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eagle Project Fire Pit Finally Used!! Ü

Last night The American Legion, for Veterans Day ,
Used the"Eagle Project Fire Pit "!
They asked the 14 year old to come and Bring some of the
Boys that had helped him accomplish this..
(Our Stake had a Veterans day thing so only 1 boy from his troop showed up..)
His Cousins, who also helped with the fire pit, came also..
The Little Guy wore his Cub Scout uniform and they all wore white gloves .
IT was quite a scene! I have no idea what I thought would happen when they burned the flags,,, But they really put up a flame!!!

Some flags were Huge..
Most were the regular size..
They had 30 Flags to Honorably
The flames , as they would lay the flags down, would go out towards the boys and their hands!
They could not see it but the crowd sure could!
I have to admit to yelling out for them to drop it at least twice!!
I embarrassed Our youngest Daughter with my outbursts! Ü
But they could have been burned very bad if the flames had reached their
hands.. The gloves were polyester!! Yikes!!!

It was a very interesting event!

My Sister and My In Laws were there
After, the fed us Chili and Corn Bread.
They also had a little thing for the POW /MIA's & the Dead..
It was quite the Night!!!

T.S. You did a Great Job!!!!
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fishing with Gpa & Dad NOV 09

Posted by Picasathe Little Guy is a fisherman!!!
He Caught both fish!! Ü

It was so nice to sit by the fire and read or just look
out the window! We had a Great Time!

This is close up time for the cabin..
It is now sealed and put away for the Winter!