Friday, May 28, 2010


Summer is here and the troops have arrived! Ü

The boys have had friends here since school let out!

They sure enjoy their friends!

We have been blessed to live in such a Great

Area, full of Great Friends!

We had worried about Friends before we moved and
did a lot of Praying!!!!

Well, the Prayer's paid off!

Not only are there Fab Friends here in the neighborhood,

But there are ton's in the Ward and Town!

Friends are such a Blessing and we have hit the Mother Load!

Not only our boy's friends, but all the Great People living here in the Area!

As a Group, Our Family has enjoyed getting to know all the wonderful People in this area!

Now this is not to say that we don't Miss our Old Friends form the Old Neighborhood, for that would

be a Lie! They are deeply Missed!! But to come to a realitively new area and find so many Great Friends,

Has Been a Huge Blessing to our Family!

So to all those who have been so Welcoming!! THANKS!!!!!
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May!!! Already???

I can NOT believe that it is May already!!!
I believe that our calender is already full till School
STARTS again! YIKES!!!
With Baseball, Football, Weddings, Holidays,
Relay for Life,National Scout Jamboree,
plus just the normal stuff that always needs to be done!!
Where has the time Gone??
We still need to have the Court of Honor for the almost
15 year old! His buddy is having his Board of Review tomorrow,
so they should be able to plan it now!!
That has been a LONG TIME COMING!
They both want to be Eagles before going to the Jamboree!
I just hope we can fit it in!! Ü
At least our Summer won't be DULL!!!! Ü