Monday, March 30, 2009

The Yard is coming together!

We have been trying to beautify our yard.
also the Garden had to have a Max fence!!!
I believe that my wonderful husband did a great job with the Max fence.
He has worked so hard in the garden and with the fruit trees.
I also replenished the flowers in the planters..
I could not pass up the Calla Lilli's!!!

Also Geraniums are my favorite.. My sister in law
has them in Urns on her front porch and I love them!!! They look so fabulous!!!!

The lawn is a work in progress, we were infested with CRABGRASS!! YIKES! We have tried everything from spraying them with weed killer to burning them with a torch! And still they live!!!
Also, we realized , by just looking at the green part.. that we kind of missed part of the yard! Ü
So , NO it isn't dying, just not fertilized properly!
My Sweetheart is trying something different this year, using soaker hoses for some of the garden, instead of the furrows that he usually does.

I am so excited to see the yard slowly coming
together. We had decided to redo some of the things that we had already done... I believe that if
we can figure out how to dig up one of our shade trees, we will plant it at Tom's.. We realized that 2 will make having a garden impossible when they are full grown...

We had let a bunch of weeds invade our garden last year, so this year we had to put a pre-emergent on it.. so everything has to be a plant, no seeds.. that is really hard!
We were amazed that Star nursery had corn starts!!
We just might try it?? Who knows...

We have planted Grapes besides the fruit trees. I think that they too will be years before we ever see any real crop from any of them. Ü
I would like to grow asperagress, but that takes years to get a good crop. We love them dipped in olive oil and then put on the grill!! But are soo expensive!! Maybe we will need to find a spot! Ü

We are trying to leave the middle for soccer or football or just a place for the boys and Max to run around and be crazy! Ü

Since it is still a work in progress, things still may change!
We will have to see how things work out in the next year or two..
We don't always have the real vision of thing at first..Ü
Usually it is my ideas that don't always pan out..Ü
I am not a visionary! If I had been, I would be rich by now!! HA HA HA

The weather has already frozen 9 of our tomatoes.. Luckily we have 6 more that we had not planted.. There is a storm coming on Wed. so I am guessing that we are going to wait this time
to plant those..Ü We just could not wait to push spring to come.
We were hoping that our excitement for good weather would influance the Weather. Ü
Saddly, we were wrong.. Good thing that it will be only about $5.00 to buy the rest of the tomatoes to replace the dead ones...

I am still crossing my fingers for SPRING!! Ü

Thursday, March 26, 2009

15 year anniversary on March 25th

Fifteen years married Plus 2 years dating!!! How Lucky are We to have each other!!!

New pictures of Max

Max is the craziest dog that I have ever known!
In my reading they say that max is about 2 and will jump to his teen years next!
Who knew that we would get him in the terrible two's and then jump to the teen years!! YIKES
No wonder people take their dogs back or to the pound! HA HA
I know that it did cross my mind with each of my kids as they went through the same stages. Ü
I already have a 13 year old, I really don't need another one!!!
It is a good thing that he is sooo Cute!
I am sure that is why everyone comes in small packages!
You know how shoes are always better looking in really small sizes and as you increase the size,
they seem to loose something!!
All I can say is that he better stay small! HA HA HA

We really do love him...
I just have no skill at potty training him!!!

I am praying that he will just eventually figure it out himself! HA HA HA
Kind of how the kids did!!!! Ü

Just pray for us! Ü

I believe that he was to come to our home to bring laughter!
I find that we are always laughing at him and his antics..
Some how he has not figured out that he is a small dog!
So he will grab something in his mouth and almost get flipped over due to it's large size and his small size.. He really could keep my Husband laughing all day long!

So I guess we will just have to keep him!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Max Is HOME!!!!!!!!!! Ü

We are so happy to say that Max is back with us!!

I believe that dropping him off was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do!!!

The pictures are old ones.. I haven't had a chance to take a picture of him since I have been feeling YUCK most of the day! allergies!!! YIKES
New ones will be posted tomorrow! Ü
The first thing I did after bringing him home,
after he had a good romp in the yard...
A big Bath!!! I am sure that they took very good care of him, but for some reason, I felt that he was flea ridden! HA
So.. a bath it was! He sure is fluffy when he is clean!!
His hair has grown even more while we were gone.
We had to trim around his eyes!
He has been very clingy also..
But is getting back to his old self! Ü

We are all glad to be back together!

Monday In Tucson

We stayed a little while longer than usual so that My Father In-Law could go on the Boneyard tour.
I hope he Loved it! I thought it was very interesting! Worth the ride.

Sunday in Tucson

Sunday started Early!
With Church starting at 8:00 AM..
My Niece, who is getting her Personal Progress Medallion in the Pictures, was talking in Sacrament. She did such a fabulous job!!!!!
Quite a public speaker!

She also did a Great job that evening, presenting her projects! What a Great Girl!
We could all learn from her and her goal setting!

My cousin S.G.P. was also there to Cheer my niece on! That was nice to visit with her also.

Second Day In Tucson!

We Went to see the Diamondbacks play the Royals for their Spring training.
It was very exciting till it got so hot we thought we would melt! HA HA HA
We are all sunburned!!!!
All the Boys had to buy Diamondback hats!!! Ü

That night we had a Great party at my Brother's home.
His Wife always does things up nice!

First day In Tucson!!

Here we are the first day in Tucson!
We arrived around 2:30 and wanted to take a bus tour at the Pima air museum but were too late.
The Bus was already full.
So we bought tickets to see the museum instead.
That was to be the next day but since we were already there...
My Father In-Law Loved the place..
We stayed till they kicked us out!! Ü

The boy's and I were able to visit my Brother and his family today also..It was Good to see them!

We have been up since 4:AM and we had had it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Count Down to Putting Max in the Kennel!!

ONE Day till the Kennel!

We are going on Vacation and Max is staying home.

I am starting to worry about putting Max in the Kennel!!

I keep thinking that he is only 3 Months old!!

He has only been with us 1 month and already
we are sad to have him stay home..

I totally get the problems with having him with us.

Some how it feels like leaving a child!
I get that he is a DOG!

But he will be missed!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dance Festival 2009

I figured out the Video stuff!!

Check it out!

Here is the little guy in the gym after the dance festival.
It was too crazy before.
I am going to try to post the video part.

so check the bottom for some booty shaking! Ü

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Spring Look!

I have decided that I could not wait for Spring to come!
So I have taken it upon my self to bring it on! Ü
I saw this on free back grounds and thought "SPRING"!
We have had to keep our new Fruit trees under the back porch
to keep them from freezing!
I want it to warm up so we can get going on the yard and garden!!

I have just decided that Spring is here and If I Just act "AS IF"
then it will happen.
The Power of positive thinking! Ü

Keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Sweetie's B Day


What a Perfect weather day for a Birthday!
What a Perfect Man for ME!!

Here are the only pictures that I could find tonight... He did not work in the yard or go swimming, He spent the day working and feeling sick!!
He is My Hero!
He does so much for our family!
He never complains about how hard it is!
What a good sport to put up with ME! & US!!! Ü

(Our computer has died 3 times and so the pictures are somewhere lost and needing to be found!Ü)

I am the Most Blessed Girl!
This man is so fabulous !!!!
I had wanted the Day to be so different, but it was,what it was!
I did take him out for dinner on Saturday to his favorite place..

I liked the pictures due to the fact that they show
what a hard worker and what a Great Dad he is!!!!!
Not only do I love him, But All the kids love him too!!!

We have been so lucky to have him in our lives!!!

I Love You Sweetie!

It is that Time of Year Again!!

It is " Dance Festival " Time!!!
The pictures are from last year!
The little Guy was a Baby Eagle last year..
It isn't till Thursday, but I came across these 2 pictures.
There is more but they are Video.

They have been practicing today and He is very excited!

The Funniest thing is that My Husband and I both danced in our youth at the Dance
(Not together, We are 10 years apart) we both attended This Elementary and
We both Hated the Dance Festival!!!!
I of course, loved getting a new outfit, but other than that... YUCK!!!!
I do love to Dance, but not with just anyone!!!
When you are Little, it can be traumatic!
You don't want to touch their hands and your not wanting people to think that you like
who ever they line you up with! ARGGGG!
The Best year is when you get to do the May Pole!!!!
But they don't always do that!
It use to be always the 6th Grade classes, but they don't even have 6th grade in the school anymore!
The Little guy wanted to do the "Chicken Dance", which is usually the 1st grades dance.
But they are doing some kind of surf board and hula thing..???
I can hardly wait!! HA HA HA
I don't know which is worse, dancing in it or watching it!!???!!!!
It is like reliving it all over again!
Who knew that we would move back here and have to endure it all over again!
What were we thinking ?
The Greatest thing is that the little Guy will be going to a new school next year and they don't do the dance festival!!! We are all looking forward to that!! Ü
(I am sure that they will have something else that we will all want to shot our selves over! Ü)

"I am sure that We don't get the "Parents of the year" award,(We never do) but there are things that we do enjoy...
Like Baseball,Soccer, Football ... Soccer and Baseball will be starting soon..
Football starts in the Summer!
The 13 year old has been practicing baseball already."

Back to the Dance Festival....
I will try to watch it with a better attitude knowing that it is the last time ever!! Ü Wah Hoo!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I have
the craziest Dog!
He was in the car with me today.
He visited Rosey and made her
behave like a shrinking violet! Ü
I hope that she will recover enough to
forgive me!!!! HA

He picked up both boys and had his 2nd shot.
We also made reservations with the Vet to kennel him while we are on vacation....I wonder what ear would be up if he knew he was being left behind at the Vet's! HA HA
When I told the 13yearold that Max was staying at the Kennel, he for some reason thought we ment his travel cage/bed, and threatened to stay home and take care of him instead!
WOW, what kind of Parents/Dog owners does he think we are???? YIKES!!
Someone,( We won't name names) really LOVES this DOG!!!! Ü
He has almost thrown himself in front of another Dog to save Max, and now has threatened
to stay home to keep him safe.. Ü

You really can't tell , but he is really expressive.
With his face and ears, he communicates all sorts of feelings!
The 13 year old likes to mess with him to make him flip up different ears..
I swear that he uses a different ear each day..
He will also cock his head when he looks at you.. Trying to figure us out.. (Good Luck with that?)

Besides being a Pain in the you know what, He has brought something in to our home that
we have been missing!!! Humor!! Ü He keeps us laughing!
Who doesn't find it funny that he chases his own tail, and chews on his own paws!
Or when he picks up something too big for himself and then runs and flips over due to it.

Great Fun!!!!

He has stolen all of our Hearts!

A Great Saturday!

Saturday started with the Baptism of our youngest son's 2 Best Friends!!!
How sad he was, not to be baptised also!
Here they are and then the Dad's!
All these Guys are Great Friends!
The 3 Boys and the 3 Dad's!!

We hope to do it all over again on Oct. 10Th at 9:30 AM
When W.S. gets baptised!

What a Great Day!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back at Work!

I have started back at Tom's!
It has been about 1 1/2 weeks since I did any real work there.
I have started to do the wall textures. It is going very well.
The real Great thing is the Windows!!!!
What a difference it makes to the whole feel of the place!!!!!!
I will take pictures tomorrow!
I am very excited with the progress!
I am hoping to be done in the bathroom & Kitchen tomorrow.
So Friday I could possibly prime both rooms!
Then ready for the final paint????
Then we will be ready for the tub fix and Tile!!!!
What a long adventure this has been!!!!
I hope that my arm won't give out on me. Ü

We still have the fire place to remove and then seal up the hole and then finish the wall stuff.
Then to paint both the front bedroom and the living room. a final coat.
We had already painted these but due to some unforeseen things, they will need at least another coat.
With that, we should be able to then go down stairs and finish the rest of the place!!
At least it is cool down there .... Ü

Then there is the Yard!!!
The list goes on and on!!

For us this is such a blessing!!!
With Work so slow and no paycheck for January and only 1/2 for Feb.. This has made it so we did not die!!!
It is funny how blessings come to us!!
Who knew that Tom's old smelly place would save us ???!!!
The Lord works in mysterious ways!!!!!

Now that I think of it, How Grateful I am to have paid a full tithe, and offerings!!!
It is moments like this that make me stop and realize that the Lord has always made it possible
for us to get through anything!!!! Not always in the way that I would like, but always there for US!
I am sure that my Husband's hard work at the Church Farm and Cannery also helped get us this help!!!
T.S is always so good to help out where ever he is needed!
I on the Other hand always do it grudgingly ... So no blessings there!! Ü
Once I am there, I am OK about it.... But all the way there, not so much!
I must have a short memory like Laman or Lemuel... They never could remember any of the miracles for longer than about a week!!!
SO, this is now my Quest.. To Always Remember all the Blessings that the Lord has Given me all the days of my life!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Follow the Prophet

Since the late 30's All the Prophet's have advised Food Storage,Garden's, Out of Debt,and what ever else puts your "Home in Order" to be self sufficient!
Saturday, We (T) tilled the garden, Made new planters to have mini garden areas, and bought 4 fruit trees.
Peach, Apricot, Cherry, and a Nectarine! YUM!!!
The new ones are semi dwarf . We already had 2 dwarf peach trees from last year.
Looking at the small size of the Trees, made me realize that the END of The World will come before we ever enjoy any fruit from them!!! HA

The boys cleaned up the yard and re stacked the rock that will someday go to the cabin.???
They were such Good Workers!!!!

I had Hurt my back Friday and so I was the Supervisor!! Ü
Which is my favorite Job!!! HA HA HA

My lesson made me rethink what we were going to do in our yard!

The lesson talked about the 10 Virgins and their Oil.

They were saying that all 10 were believers, 5 of them, just did not follow council!
Other wise, they too could have met the Bridegroom!!!
They all had the same time and info, 5 just didn't think it was that important.

Some of this is just to see who is obedient and who is not!
I have long felt that OBEDIENCE is really the big deal!!!
Doing something simply because we have been told to.
Not blind obedience. But Faithful and righteous OBEDIENCE!!

Not all of us can have a years supply. Some for financial reasons, others , lack of space.. and so on.
But, The Lord knows what we are capable of doing. Each having their own level to rise to.

With work so slow and money so tight, I can see that we are with the 5 unprepared!!!!
So we are trying to make amends!!!