Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Ward Christmas Party

We had our Ward Christmas Party
this evening.

We really have the Greatest Ward!
When ever we gather Fun in sues!

There is talk of splitting our ward come
the New Year..

That will be sad!

I thought I would put some photo's
up showing some of the fun!

I really think the reason that our
Ward is so Great, is that Everyone
does their Callings!
I grew up in a Ward like this one.
It really makes going to Church a Pleasure!

I think that People like to think that
they have such a small job and no one
will notice if i don't do it!
Well WRONG!! Being in a Ward where
EVERYONE does their job no matter how big or Small
makes all the difference in the World!
The Spirit is able to be there in a way that is so Cool!

You don't find yourself mad because you showed up
and that Person didn't come thru with what ever they
said they would do..then backed out in the last minute!
Or you show up as a leader for the YW's and the person
who promised the Girls something Special hasn't come at all
with no call, or they just ACT LIKE IT IS
Sorry had not planned to Rant! Just a pet peeve of Mine..
I am not even in Young Women's...I teach Gospel Doctrine..HA

Well, you get the idea..

Just Remember the next time you feel like not doing your calling..
we are like a well tuned machine, and when you slip a cog, the whole
thing never works quite right after that!
It really is noticeable because....EVERY JOB IS IMPORTANT and
YOU ARE SPECIAL, no one can take your place! That is why you were
called and not someone else!!
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010


She is such a Sweet Heart!
Check out the Dark Hair! SOO CUTE!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here she is!

This picture was taken on my cell phone.
My camera was dead!
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Friday, October 29, 2010

New addition

Someone had a Baby Girl this morning at 3:27 Am
Weight 7lbs 11 oz 21 1/2 inches long with Dark Brown Hair!
She is Beautiful!!!
She was born on her due date!!
If you can't tell, I am so very excited about this!
Mom and Baby doing well!

Pictures to come!! Ü

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Someone has been admitted to IHC

our Daughter has been admitted to the hospital!
We are hoping that she will deliver today!!!
We shall see!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Peach Days 2010

The 15 year old was asked by a Family Friend
to March in the Peach Days Parade in Full
Scout Uniform in Front of Gov. Herbert.

16 Scouts were asked and 3 showed up! YIKES!! That means that 13 didn't keep their word!

The 15 year old would probably have liked to
be on the Football Float with all his friends, but he is truely
a Good Scout and honored his word!!

I am so Very Proud that he Kept his word!
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Piano Lessons

Did I ever mention that someone takes Piano lessons?
Well he does. and this cute girl is his teacher!
She does a great job!!!
She really knows her stuff!
Someone is really good at piano!
I am so glad that I signed him up!
(Thanks for the info A.C.!)
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Our Family Aug. 20th 2010

For what ever reason, We can never have everyone
together all at once! (Our Grandson was with his dad on this day.)
We had a Great time all together! This time we chose to
have it be just us...
The Girls both voted to have it that way.
It was Great! We need to do it more often!!!

Jean's Funeral

Here we are at round 2.
Stunned is how we all were and still are!
It was very much a Groundhogs day
kind of thing! Very surreal!
I don't know where Chris was
for the center picture?
The weather was fitting for such a
sad occasion!
I have said it before,
Death needs to take a Vacation!
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Kolob Sept.2010

My Sweetie and his Funny Family!
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Someone has turned 9

We have had a fun week! Someone turned nine and had a Friend Party and a Family Party.. Not to mention taking stuff to school for more fun there!!

We have always felt that this Guy is someone special!
We were told that we would not have any more children, and here
he showed up anyway!!! What a Blessing!!!! WE JUST LOVE HIM!!!

Happy Birthday Big Guy!
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Do you Remember?

This picture was taken just earlier this year.
Who was to know it would be the last time
I would see Jean?
Jean is the shortest one in the picture.
They have the same configuration of
people as My Family.
The Brother in the Middle.

I have nothing but Great memories of these 3!
Nothing but Great memories of their Parents!

Jean is the Oldest of the First Generation of Grandchildren.
I am the Youngest....

So that means that I have now lost both of the Oldest on Both
sides of my Family..Quinta and Jean..
They were the beginning and I am the End..
I had not really thought about being the end..
What a strange thing to be!
Also.. Will I really be the end?
My Sister thinks she might live
for a long time...

I have wondered if I would ..( you know the be good to your Parents thing..) I was never very good at being very good!
Hated to be told what to do...(still don't like it!) My Siblings on the Other hand were like living with Nephi and Sam..
So you see all it leaves for me is Laman and Lemuel! (Well that is how it felt!) HA
So what are the odds of a Long life? Ha Ha

Something about them always reminded me of us.. my Brother and Sister and I..
So the Death of the oldest cousin has touched my heart in a way I had not expected!
I am Heart Broken and totally devastated ..
Just look at them! This is how they always seem.. Just HAPPY!

I am so Glad that I went to Kents Funeral.. Not just because he was a Great Guy.. But to see Jean again.
Time is passing fast.. It reminds me of the Song titled "BLINK" ..
Blink and you are 5.. Blink and you are 16.. Blink and you are 25 and so on.. How life really just flys and
how we need to really see and be in the present, because in a second you are going to Blink and the moment is gone.
(The song is a lot better than my words..)
Just try not to BLINK!
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This year is full of Ups and Downs!

This has been the year of Death! But also, it will be the year of life!
My Mother, my Aunt, 2 cousins, a cousin's husband, A neighbor's Mother with whom I had had the opportunity to get to know, a Friend from my old neighborhood, a Family friend and neighbor from my child hood, must I go on??? I think you get the picture!!!!
I know that the Lord does not give you more than you can handle, but COME ON!!!! REALLY!!!
I am not SUPER MAN!! or Woman..! I have one Aunt on my Father's side and two Aunts that were married to Uncles that is left of that Group of People! These people need to hang in there for a while! My nerves are SHOT!!! I am sorry to say this but this type of stuff just sends me off to Dairy Queen! It is such a UNFIX ABLE problem!!! So comfort food (ICE CREAM!!) is my solace!

Now on the Flip side.. I will be a Grandma again in OCT!!! around the 29th! A Girl!!
I am sooo excited! That so makes up for the yucky year so far!!!
I was able to See a 3 D picture of her Friday!! WOW, Amazing!!!
It has made me so excited to really see her and to hold her!!!!
This new Baby will help HEAL my Broken Heart!!!!
I can not Wait!!!!

So what am I to learn from all this???
I have been wondering what it is all about?
I realize we all have problems...
But most people are not losing everyone
that they have loved! it is CRAZY!
Also, Then the Lord Blesses Me with
another Grandchild!!!
I am an emotional Mess! Both UP and Down!
I guess the real thing I need to always remember
is that he is always there for me!
We are all tested but he also Blesses us!
you know the cloud with the Silver lining!!!

Sorry about the whine! It has just been a Crazy Year.....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Your story..

My dear sister has a wonderful friend who posted this on her blog..It is from another woman's blog that she reads..I so found it GREAT that I had to lift it from her blog!!
I hope you enjoy it too!!

How does the story end?
"You do not know the end of your story."That's what I told an impressive group of girls today.We were in the midst of one of the prettiest spots on the planet.God was there.

The theme, "There Once Was a Girl", was planned to help them understand that they are writing their own story and the need to understand their potential to create the story they were meant to live.

I had them close their eyes and I asked them questions:

Raise your hand if you think you'll get married in the temple.

Raise your hand if you think you'll graduate from college.

Raise your hand if you think you'll serve a mission.

Raise your hand if you think you'll be a mom.

Raise your hand if you think you'll return to God when you leave this life.

We talked about how easy it is to make assumptions about our lives. We see where we are in the middle of a story and we assume we know how it's going to all turn out.But, we aren't the only writers of our story. We are partnered with God.And the reality is that HE is the only who actually knows how the story will end.*****

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Joseph, sometimes referred to as “Joseph of Egypt”. You know the story.Joseph was the favorite son of his dad. He was so favored that his dad gave him a fancy schmancy coat and everything. Joseph was given a couple of dreams that let him know there was something special about him. He didn’t think twice about sharing his dreams with his brothers. They got tired of his fancy coat and his “I think I might be a ruler one day” dreams and sold him to a company of Ishmaelites going to Egypt (and then lied to their dad and said Joseph was dead). Joseph ends up as a servant in Potiphar’s house. Potiphar’s wife tries to get Joseph into trouble. Joseph is smart enough to run. Potiphar’s wife accuses Joseph of trying to get HER into trouble. Joseph ends up in jail. And then seems to get forgotten.

Now, that’s not the end of the story. But, the thing I love about this story, is that Joseph didn’t know it wasn’t the end of the story. He could have thought the story was over when his brother’s threw him in the pit and sold him to the Ishmaelites.He could have thought the story was over when he ended up as a servant to one of the Pharaoh’s chief captains.He certainly could have assumed the story was over when he ended up in jail.But, he didn’t.He seems to have never stopped believing. Sure he had dark times, but “the Lord was with [him]” (Gen. 39:2, 21) and we can actually read that in the story. But, Joseph didn’t have the benefit of reading the story. He was LIVING the story. And He chose to trust God.And look what happened.

So, wherever you are right now, whether you feel like your world has been turned upside down (like Joseph in the pit) or you feel like things couldn’t be better, what you must understand is that your story is still being written.Every day. *****

Funny.As I was talking to the girls, I realized I do the same things they do. I make assumptions all the time about how things will turn out.I look to the end of the story when I'm still at the beginning.But, I'm not the only writer here. I am partnered with God.

And the reality is that HE is the only who actually knows how the story will end.And I trust His ability to write a really great story.

I do.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time warp? Clothing Rant!!!

I believe I have fallen into a time warp!
I decided that a new Sunday out fit was due since the
last one was 5 years ago!!!!!
Well, to my surprise...It is suddenly the 60's????
I really did not enjoy all the crazy things of the 60's..
I always felt it was just a reflection of the Drug Culture!!??
Everything looks and seems good with a little LSD or POT!!!
I walked into Dillards and there I am ...Time Warp!!

One of the worst parts of these styles is that they all remind me of
maternity clothing!! I swore off them almost 9 years ago!! YUCK!!!
I guess I should have alerted the Media, for They definitely did not get the message!

I do love the longer length shirts.
(I think everyone is glad that
my tummy is all contained
under the long shirts! HA)

I also found that you had the choice of dressing
as if I was still 12 years old... or 90 years old!!
What is that about??
All they talk about in TV and the internet is the
Baby boomers and aging and nothing for us??

Someone is missing the mark!!!!
Someone could make a fortune!!!!
Maybe they thought that all us boomers
were Druggies in the 60's and would be having a
midlife crisis and wanting to relive our youth!!????

All I know is I am looking for some simple things!
normal jeans with normal pockets and tee shirts, A-line skirts with out paisley!
Things with out lots of frills that add 10 pounds..
and not looking like a peasant!

Am I asking too much??

I think Not!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

our 4th of July

The Stadium of Fire this year
had Carrie Underwood Headlining.
It also had The 15 year old and I in it!
The 15 year old was in the biggest Eagle Scout Court of Honor ever held.
The Governor was there and the Head of Scouting was there.
I even shook Lou Diamond Phillips hand. I also shook the hand of the oldest living Eagle Scout and also LaVell Edwards hand.. There was quite a crowd! 50,000 to be exact!
My cousin John Houston played in the Eric Dodge band that performed as the opening act! They were Great!

My sweetie was in charge of the camera due to the fact that I could not carry one..We also had to be where he could not be.. so no pictures of the eagle scout thing!
The best Surprise was that my sweetie's cousin JS and her son KS was also doing the Eagle Scout thing!!! What a life saver!!! We had a Great time!!!!

As you can see , my in laws and our Daughter CF and her Husband DF also came to see the 15 year old and myself be in the program...
One of the neat things that they had was an Eagle's Nest for the court of Honor.
They had every Eagle scout in the audience stand and hold a paper with the Eagle Scout emblem !!! it was quite stunning to see all the eagle scouts that were there!!!! It was amazing!!

We were also able to spend time with our oldest son and his wife in the morning before we drove to Provo from Draper. It was Great to see them!!

The next day we woke early and made it back in time to eat with My Brother and Sister's Families for Dinner!!! It was Great to see them too!
We had not seen our Brother since January when Mom died...So it made it extra special!
The following day the 15 year old was in the Town parade again wearing the Scout uniform carrying a banner in front of the National Guard entry..
that Evening we had a BBQ with our across the street neighbors and then family and neighbors came to light of ton's of fireworks and see the city ones.. it is always a "BLAST" HA HA

We had a Great time.. The only thing better would have been seeing our Oldest Daughter and our Grandson and Christian!! (YOU WERE MISSED!!!)

I love the 4th of JULY!!! Ü

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Max's Summer Do!

The pictures are back words the first 2 are after shots the last is the before!

HE is half Maltis and half Palmaren (I think I spelled that wrong!)
We just wanted to see how he would look with his face cut short!!
Well, now we know!!


I think we will go back to the OLD CUT NEXT TIME!!!

I can hardly believe he is the same dog!

It is like he is only half the size he was!
That shows you how much hair he had!!
He was all hair!!!

He has been so hot with the sudden 100% weather!
He should be able to cool off now!! HA HA
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Eagle Scout Pictures..

The 15 year old and his Friend both have Family Connections to the
Mormon Battalion!
Our Boy from his Father's Side
and His Friends were connected by both of his Grand Parents sides..

So besides the normal Eagle Slide, they both received the Mormon Battalion Slide.. It is a Buffalo skull..

(Thanks Jill for the Info!!)

We want to thank All the People who attended and all those who helped get our Boy this far!!!
We couldn't have done it with you!!

We had a Great turn out!!

(Now these pictures are from my
Crazy bad lighting Camera! So Better ones are coming!! Now the lighting has nothing to do with the Picture taker!! Thanks Melissa!!!
As all of you know that read my blog...I need a NEW CAMERA!!!)
Again better lit ones are to come!!

Someone is Finally a Eagle Scout!!

On the 17th of June 2010

two 15 year old's

finally were made Eagle Scouts!!

These are Pictures taken before it began..

Better Pictures are to come!!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 2010 What?

So... We started our Saturday
with a little yard work and
the usual Saturday things.
We made a Tee time for 1:30.
Things were Great!
As you can see in the Middle
was at the beginning of the Adventure!

We hit the 5th Hole, Lighting ,Thunder, Rain
and HAIL!!!!!!
What the Heck!!!
It is June!! SUMMER!!!!

The 5th Hole is the farthest from the Club house...
Who ever made the golf carts not be able to go
very fast was never in a Hail storm, being
PELTED by them!!!!

Our neighbor hood was covered in Hail...
All our Gardens were Trashed!!! I will take better ones when the weather calms down..
Our gutters were full and over flowing due to a glove stuck in the down spout!! How NKnew!!??
Also the water drains that we installed were full of grass.. that is why the pictures of our back yard
looks like there is hardly anything there..
WATER!!! ThaT IS WHY!! My Sweetie came to the rescue and cleared all the drains!!!
We had water all over in the back yard before he fixed it!! YIKES!!!
I would have taken better pictures of the problem, but I had left my PURSE in the cart in our
mad dash to get out of the Hail storm!!! So I drove back while he fixed all the water problems!
They have Flash Flood warnings till 9:PM tonight!! Really?? No Kidding!!!! YIKES!!!
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Someone is Golfing!

The 15 year old is signed up for a Golf Clinic!
HE is Doing Great!
I took some pictures of him while I was waiting for
them to be done.
Today is the last day!

He is off to Youth Conference starting this evening!

He has a VERY FUN SUMMER planned !

We are Very Proud of HIM!!!

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Picture redo

I retuched the picture to make it better..
it just needed a little light!

My camera sucks!!
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