Friday, September 25, 2009

Some one is now a Cub Scout!!!

Someone had a Birthday and is officially a Cub Scout!
He was invited to 2 things before his birthday..
He will be going to a Day Camp this Saturday!!
He is very excited!!!
He is working on his Collection's belt loop...
Exciting things are happening here!
Some One is Growing up!!!

We Love You, Little Guy!!!
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weird stuff I have saved from MOM's

Look at the weird stuff I have saved from my MOM's???
Bread pans, storage containers??Cups??Bowls?
Potato slicer and apple peeler?

I am not sure who has dementia, Mom or ME???

I think I may need an Intervention!!!
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A few improvements

We have been working at Tom's a lot lately!!
It is even farther along than these pictures show..
It was around 9 PM when I saw it last and pictures would not have worked!
All of the moldings around the doors and the baseboard are in and 3/4th's are
painted!!! The rest is ready for paint!!
As you can see the tile is in , in the entry..
Heating and cooling is in and working Great!
We will be cleaning and clearing out the upstairs this week!
Moving things to the basement so the work will continue there...

We have also been clearing out some of the JUNK at MOM's..

After a week of that, I have decided that a new thing should start!!
After both Parents pass, the kids and Who ever will just have a big bon fire
and hot dog roast!
No going thru their stuff.. we have enough of our own stuff!!!!!
Just a nice dinner and then it will happen when we pass and
our kids won't have to go thru our stuff either!!
And so on and So on!!!
What and emotional roller coaster it is to deal with our Parents STUFF!!!
Really, what are we to do with a HUGE house full of things???
We all have a house full of things...So where do the things of our youth go??
DI????Sell it??? Storage Unit??? Bon Fire??? Ü HA HA HA just kidding..
But really,,What are people to do with their parents Things?
They all have memories tied to them...It is almost like a third Death!!
Both parents then their stuff!!!
I do not know if my siblings and I have the right stuff to deal well with all this!!!
I will just say that there has been alot of crying at the old home stead this last week!!

I have been thinking to have my mail turned off after I turn 80..
(Some of the strangest things have been kept around that age!!!!!)
Just to spare my kids from all this junk!!!
I still like the bon Fire idea!! Ha

ReallY.. Just give everything away before you go !!!
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