Monday, April 30, 2012

Someone has had a busy few months!

The little Guy has 2 friends that he just Loves!
We call them the Three  Musketeers .
Well.. they all turn 11 this year..
This is the Arrow of Light night for his 2 buddies....They are Awesome and we are soo Proud of them!!
Can not wait till September!!!

The little Guy is also in the school Choir.
the always go all the way to Tuacahn..
This is the second year for this!  It was nice. Weather was much warmer this year..

The Little Guy is also playing Soccer and Baseball..
He usually plays goalie.. but is now a Defender...He Loves both positions!!

In Baseball.. He Plays 1st base and Pitcher.. He is great at both!!

Due to both schedules..
He hardly has any time to play with his friends.....or do homework!!
But loves the guys on his teams!
It has been so good for him!
He is really doing Great this year!!

He now has contacts!! He can put them in and take them out!
All By himself!!! that is Awesome!!!

My Sweetie is also helping with Baseball.
I just thought the picture of them was funny!

I am so Proud of the Little Guy!!
He is a wonderful Son!

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