Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Max's Summer Do!

The pictures are back words the first 2 are after shots the last is the before!

HE is half Maltis and half Palmaren (I think I spelled that wrong!)
We just wanted to see how he would look with his face cut short!!
Well, now we know!!


I think we will go back to the OLD CUT NEXT TIME!!!

I can hardly believe he is the same dog!

It is like he is only half the size he was!
That shows you how much hair he had!!
He was all hair!!!

He has been so hot with the sudden 100% weather!
He should be able to cool off now!! HA HA
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Eagle Scout Pictures..

The 15 year old and his Friend both have Family Connections to the
Mormon Battalion!
Our Boy from his Father's Side
and His Friends were connected by both of his Grand Parents sides..

So besides the normal Eagle Slide, they both received the Mormon Battalion Slide.. It is a Buffalo skull..

(Thanks Jill for the Info!!)

We want to thank All the People who attended and all those who helped get our Boy this far!!!
We couldn't have done it with you!!

We had a Great turn out!!

(Now these pictures are from my
Crazy bad lighting Camera! So Better ones are coming!! Now the lighting has nothing to do with the Picture taker!! Thanks Melissa!!!
As all of you know that read my blog...I need a NEW CAMERA!!!)
Again better lit ones are to come!!

Someone is Finally a Eagle Scout!!

On the 17th of June 2010

two 15 year old's

finally were made Eagle Scouts!!

These are Pictures taken before it began..

Better Pictures are to come!!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 2010 What?

So... We started our Saturday
with a little yard work and
the usual Saturday things.
We made a Tee time for 1:30.
Things were Great!
As you can see in the Middle
was at the beginning of the Adventure!

We hit the 5th Hole, Lighting ,Thunder, Rain
and HAIL!!!!!!
What the Heck!!!
It is June!! SUMMER!!!!

The 5th Hole is the farthest from the Club house...
Who ever made the golf carts not be able to go
very fast was never in a Hail storm, being
PELTED by them!!!!

Our neighbor hood was covered in Hail...
All our Gardens were Trashed!!! I will take better ones when the weather calms down..
Our gutters were full and over flowing due to a glove stuck in the down spout!! How NKnew!!??
Also the water drains that we installed were full of grass.. that is why the pictures of our back yard
looks like there is hardly anything there..
WATER!!! ThaT IS WHY!! My Sweetie came to the rescue and cleared all the drains!!!
We had water all over in the back yard before he fixed it!! YIKES!!!
I would have taken better pictures of the problem, but I had left my PURSE in the cart in our
mad dash to get out of the Hail storm!!! So I drove back while he fixed all the water problems!
They have Flash Flood warnings till 9:PM tonight!! Really?? No Kidding!!!! YIKES!!!
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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Someone is Golfing!

The 15 year old is signed up for a Golf Clinic!
HE is Doing Great!
I took some pictures of him while I was waiting for
them to be done.
Today is the last day!

He is off to Youth Conference starting this evening!

He has a VERY FUN SUMMER planned !

We are Very Proud of HIM!!!

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Picture redo

I retuched the picture to make it better..
it just needed a little light!

My camera sucks!!
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May is Gone!

Here are some pictures that are in the Wrong order..

Someone turned 15!!!! YIKES!!!

He now has his permit!! So Watch out!! HA HA HA

And Most of us got to together on Memorial Monday
and had Breakfast at IHOP and then over to the
cemetary to do our thing there!

Thank you Loleene and Darwin for taking our pictures!!!
Your the Best!!

The Boys have both been playing Baseball and do you think that I have
even one picture??? Nope!

As usual, I am the Mother Of the Year! HA HA

Thank Heaven's that School is out!!!

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