Tuesday, July 14, 2009


In the Last 2 Months My Mom has fallen at least 6 times!
The last 2 combined have put her in the hospital!

She lives at a Beehive home and loves it there..

Tomorrow, She will have a type of cement put in a crushed
vertebrae. It is hurting so much that right now she is unable
to walk by herself!!! We took her to the emergency room
Sunday after noon and she was admitted that night and is waiting for
the back fix tomorrow at 10 AM...
They also found a fracture on her right arm just above her elbow.
One of her falls fractured her skull from her eye to her ear and under
her eye is shattered.
Please Pray for her!!! She is needing all the prayers that she can get!!!

IF this doesn't help her, she will end up at a Full Care Center!! YIKES!!
I hate the smell of those places!!!

My sister and I have been there from early to late, since Sunday..

I thought she was looking like her usual HAPPY SELF!! Ü

Again, Note to self...Always be HAPPY!!!!
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The Big Swim Meet...

Today was the big swim meet..
The Grandson did Great!!!
It was fun to watch him Swim!! Ü
I have posted the video of his race..
it is at the bottom of this post.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We had a very special guest at our home today!
My sister and her husband were out of town and
asked us to watch their dog and 2 boys.
Max was in heaven!!!

New Summer Look for MAX!

Max has a new summer hair do.
He looks almost naked! YIKES!!!!
We hope that he will be cool now that it is getting so HOT!
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Monday, July 6, 2009

the morning of the 4th of July..Sandy City

This is a crazy video!!!
I was trying to get the full length of the tower and so it goes from normal to, Well..Crazy!!! Ü
We were all watching him climb... I think that everyone is in the video??
Except myself of course.. HA HA!!!
This was at the Sandy City 4th Celebration....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pictrue redo Ü

The picture had a weird guy behind us making a face! what a JERK!!!!
So I cropped him out.. The guy on the side of us saddly just had that look
the whole time.. YIKES!!

We REALLY do LOVE the Stadium of Fire!!!!
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The Big Flag

Here is the big Flag that was burned in such a way that I think it brought Tears to almost every Adults Eyes!!!
This year they had it flying instead of this way..

Last year we were in the seats/ Section that the flag came down and on to the field. We were honored to be part of that..

We are interested to see what happen next year!!!

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4th of July 2009

Here is a collage of pictures taken of our 4th of July activities... We went to Sandy City's 4th activities and then to the Stadium of FIRE!!! I will add video to the next few blogs..

There was a Flag that last year we had helped have it get to the field that this year they
Honorably burned due to OLD age .. It was very moving!!!
I am sure that the pictures and videos won't do it JUSTICE!!!!

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blog renovation!!

For what ever reason, I felt that it was time for a CHANGE! Ü

I liked that it was kind of Red, White, and Blue...

Happy 4th of July!!!