Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Gathering Dec.29th 2009

We gathered together for the last time this year..!!! Ü
There were 6 people missing.. (All from My Little family!! YIKES!!)
They were all Missed!!!!
What a crew!! Ü This was such a last Minute thing!

As you can see, Mom weighes 76 LBS!!! Double YIKES!!
I , On the other hand do NOT Weigh 76 LBS!! Ü

We have had such a Great Life with her!!

I would guess that All our Blessing started With her!

I wish that all these Grand kids had known her in her Prime!!

She has been in better Mental health this Month..??
Not physical Health.. That is on a steady decline!!
I believe that she has known us this Month of Dec!!

It has been GREAT to have all three Families here!!

That won't happen Much anymore!!!
So it was all the More special!!

Here is Wishing you and Your's


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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Boy's and Their "G"ma

We have had a few fun times with Gma of late..
There is the Christmas Party with the Big Boy's
The one with the Little Guy..
He met me at the Beehive home and was
already there and holding hands with her
and heads together and watching TV..
He said that they had a really nice Visit! ??

The Final one is Just Of Mom..
She was looking so nice that day that I
could not help but take a Picture!

She is very skinny but they keep her looking
so Great! Hair done and Jewlery on!
Her nails would be done also but
they no longer let her..
They need to see her fingernails to
track her progress or lack of progress..

I saw her today and she has maintained
her levels for a whole week..

When I came in, she Smiled and held her hand out to me..
I said" I have come to visit.."
She said " Super"
And it was!!! Ü
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Monday, November 30, 2009

Things that I am Thankful for!

I have no pictures of Thanksgiving! We had 2 different Thanksgivings and still ...No Pictures..
Had my camera each and every time.. Yet...NO PICTURES!!

I realized that today was the last day of November and I had yet to write about all that I am thankful for..

1-My Family!!! (that includes In Laws)
2-Our Friends (You Know who you are!! Ü)
3-Great Neighbors
4- Great Ward!!
5- My Health (what little is left!! Ü)
6-MAX (our Dog)
8- Our Wonderful Home!
9- Kolob
10-Probably this one is First...The Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.
I know that everything on my list comes From God!!!
I am so ever grateful for the atonement and that it is for us all!!
I am also very Grateful for the Plan Of Happiness that has us live again
as Eternal Families..
With My Mother so close to Death, To know that I will see her again, makes this
just a extended vacation.. not a Loss...She will be Misses!!!! Don't get me wrong!
No one could ever have a better Mother than the 3 of us have had!!!
We were blessed with Great Parents.. and a Great Life!!!
I have been saddened that all my children have not had the opportunity
of knowing them.. (In their prime) (with their minds clear)
But with Faith, we know that those opportunities are yet to come on the other side..!

I want to Thank all those who have been so Great to me and my Family during this
whole "MOM" thing!! It is about the Hardest thing I have ever done!!!
I just Pray that she will , when it is her time, pass quietly and peacefully..
She has been nothing but kind to all she has ever known!
She is still smiling when we see her.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Stolen Picture!! Veteran's Day 2009

I have stole the picture that my Sister
posted on her blog..
My Camera had died.. So I missed
this one!! Thank you for taking it SIS!!!

For those who have not seen the other pictures from this evening..
Scroll down...Ü

A Handsome Group Of Guys! Ü

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eagle Project Fire Pit Finally Used!! Ü

Last night The American Legion, for Veterans Day ,
Used the"Eagle Project Fire Pit "!
They asked the 14 year old to come and Bring some of the
Boys that had helped him accomplish this..
(Our Stake had a Veterans day thing so only 1 boy from his troop showed up..)
His Cousins, who also helped with the fire pit, came also..
The Little Guy wore his Cub Scout uniform and they all wore white gloves .
IT was quite a scene! I have no idea what I thought would happen when they burned the flags,,, But they really put up a flame!!!

Some flags were Huge..
Most were the regular size..
They had 30 Flags to Honorably
The flames , as they would lay the flags down, would go out towards the boys and their hands!
They could not see it but the crowd sure could!
I have to admit to yelling out for them to drop it at least twice!!
I embarrassed Our youngest Daughter with my outbursts! Ü
But they could have been burned very bad if the flames had reached their
hands.. The gloves were polyester!! Yikes!!!

It was a very interesting event!

My Sister and My In Laws were there
After, the fed us Chili and Corn Bread.
They also had a little thing for the POW /MIA's & the Dead..
It was quite the Night!!!

T.S. You did a Great Job!!!!
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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fishing with Gpa & Dad NOV 09

Posted by Picasathe Little Guy is a fisherman!!!
He Caught both fish!! Ü

It was so nice to sit by the fire and read or just look
out the window! We had a Great Time!

This is close up time for the cabin..
It is now sealed and put away for the Winter!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

This is the Little guy and his Friend!
I took their picture before they went off on their adventure of Trick or Treating.
His Friend has a mask that is really great, but for some reason he chose to not wear it..?????
The bottom pictures with the widows peak on the Little guy was for Friday at school...
He was in too big of a hurry tonight for that!!! Candy was a calling!!! Ü

Winning Game!

We traveled to see our Grandson play football!
Their team Won!!!
It was Great to visit with our Daughter and see the Game!!
We Just don't see them like we would like!!!
We are hoping to somehow change that!!!
It was a Great Game!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Visit With MOM

As you can see... We had a Great visit with Mom today!
And the date is wrong.. My camera is
a problem child!!!
the date is Oct. 27th 2009
These pictures made us laugh!
We tried to take them with no help..
but had to finally get a helper..
We both needed the laughter!!!
Usually it is tears!
She was in such a unusual mood today..Cheerful and wanting us to hold her hands..
She still makes no sense when she talks.. but her cheerful welcome and
her reply to I love you was "I love you kids too!" So it was worth every minuet!!
When the helper took the picture.. she told Mom to smile and she did the funniest smile ever.. That made us laugh even more!!! Ü
It is always more fun to visit with my
Wonderful Sister!!!
I have the Cutest MOM ever!!!
What a Great VISIT!!! Ü
What a Great Day!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just a short note

For those who know my Dear Mom,
She has fallen again and has a black eye!
She is as of last Tuesday, 86 LBS. and counting down.
They are measuring her arm as a way to really
tell her well being and it measured 6 and 3/4 inches!! YIKES!!
Of course, I had gone every day but the one when she fell!!
She still smiles at me most visits!
My Sister has been very sick and so of course, I drop the ball
on Thursday!!!
They are going to put a pain patch on her due to pain, but
the side effects are quite scary! She will probably become bed ridden!
I don't plan to take a picture of her eye! So no pictures today..
I believe that I will be seeing her Tomorrow with my Daughter & Son Inlaw.
at least that is the plan...
As you can tell, I am very preoccupied with the Health of my MOM!!!
So when you see me next and notice that I am HUGE!! Ü Just know that I am
not handling this very well!!! I am sure that if I were more mature, It would not
get to me. But as usual.. I am not mature!! Ü so just bear or Bare with me!! HA HA

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family picture at Baptism

We were a few people short at the Baptism..

We Missed all of you!!

It was a Great event!!!

We are so Proud of the Little Guy!!!
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Baptism Day!!! 10/10/2009

We had pictures with Friends and Family..
The Family one is coming...Later.Ü
The Little guy was so excited for this
day!!! We are so glad that his buddies
were there to share in this day!!!

The little guy was Baptized with a
cousin.. They have been friends
since Kindergarten...
They had not met till then..

We have the Greatest Neighbors!!
They are so supportive of all we do!!

Due to a small omit, The little guy was baptized twice...It has to be done right
to count.. Ü

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Most Wonderous Mom

I went to see my Mom yesterday!
Here is a picture of Her!
She had had her hair done eariler
Thursday.. I thought she looked
very cute!!! Ü
I could not get her to smile...
She could not figure out what
I was doing..?? or wanting..??
When she responds.. she is still
the kind, wonderful gal we all know
and Love!!
She is just not responding much anymore.
The last picture of her, was 102 LBS..
This picture just 2 weeks later is at
90 LBS..???
As you can see, she does not have too
many 12 Lb losses left!!
I had a very nice visit Yesterday!
She seemed to know me..??
Well, she said "you have come a long ways to see me.."
So really I have no idea who she thought I was..
But It was nice that she seemed to know me..
And was glad to see me!!
I will take that any day over her not responding or
her asking who my Mother is..?? YIKES!! HA HA

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some one is Getting Baptised!!!

The Little Guy is getting Baptised
Oct. 10th @ 5:PM @ the Stake Center..
Hope to see all of you there!!!
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Some one is now a Cub Scout!!!

Someone had a Birthday and is officially a Cub Scout!
He was invited to 2 things before his birthday..
He will be going to a Day Camp this Saturday!!
He is very excited!!!
He is working on his Collection's belt loop...
Exciting things are happening here!
Some One is Growing up!!!

We Love You, Little Guy!!!
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weird stuff I have saved from MOM's

Look at the weird stuff I have saved from my MOM's???
Bread pans, storage containers??Cups??Bowls?
Potato slicer and apple peeler?

I am not sure who has dementia, Mom or ME???

I think I may need an Intervention!!!
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A few improvements

We have been working at Tom's a lot lately!!
It is even farther along than these pictures show..
It was around 9 PM when I saw it last and pictures would not have worked!
All of the moldings around the doors and the baseboard are in and 3/4th's are
painted!!! The rest is ready for paint!!
As you can see the tile is in , in the entry..
Heating and cooling is in and working Great!
We will be cleaning and clearing out the upstairs this week!
Moving things to the basement so the work will continue there...

We have also been clearing out some of the JUNK at MOM's..

After a week of that, I have decided that a new thing should start!!
After both Parents pass, the kids and Who ever will just have a big bon fire
and hot dog roast!
No going thru their stuff.. we have enough of our own stuff!!!!!
Just a nice dinner and then it will happen when we pass and
our kids won't have to go thru our stuff either!!
And so on and So on!!!
What and emotional roller coaster it is to deal with our Parents STUFF!!!
Really, what are we to do with a HUGE house full of things???
We all have a house full of things...So where do the things of our youth go??
DI????Sell it??? Storage Unit??? Bon Fire??? Ü HA HA HA just kidding..
But really,,What are people to do with their parents Things?
They all have memories tied to them...It is almost like a third Death!!
Both parents then their stuff!!!
I do not know if my siblings and I have the right stuff to deal well with all this!!!
I will just say that there has been alot of crying at the old home stead this last week!!

I have been thinking to have my mail turned off after I turn 80..
(Some of the strangest things have been kept around that age!!!!!)
Just to spare my kids from all this junk!!!
I still like the bon Fire idea!! Ha

ReallY.. Just give everything away before you go !!!
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

update Aug. 29th 2009

The Fire place is out and sealed up..
The new furnace is at least in place
and the new duct work is to be put together
Tuesday sometime..??
We have sealed up (where, when the plumbing was
very old and needed repair all the time) the wall in the living room.
The Gas line into the house has been drilled, and the lines into the house for
the furnace have been drilled!
The kitchen window trim and base boards have been painted. and
the fridge is in place.. We will be hooking it up to water for the ice machine
that is already inside..The dishwasher is in place but not hooked up.
The furnace room entrance will now be big enough for the water heater to be
moved if a change is ever needed..
The front bed room has been puttied and needs to be sanded then primed then painted..
I believe that there will also be a gas line put into the laundry room just in case the
next owner or the renter wants to buy a gas dryer....
We were told today by the outside worker guy.. S.H. that the stucco guys should be there
Monday or Tuesday..???
I think that is what they said last week..??
They still need to fix the windows and I guess power spray the house..??
So who really knows when the final coat will be in place?????
All I know is that I am TIRED!!!!! Ü
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Canning Season!!!

Have I mentioned that it is canning season??
Well here is the bounty of our Garden and also
the bounty of Peaches kindly given to us!!!!
We have made Salsa from our garden,
Whole tomatoes also from our garden!
Pickles both sweet and Dill from our garden..
We have been given tons of peaches!!
So we have bottled whole peaches,
Spice Peach Jam (THANKS T.W.E), and Raspberry & Peach Jam!!!
We were also given 2 jars of Honey from a neighbor who we had given jam!!
We have also dried peaches!!!
And as you can see, as of tonight I still have a 5 gallon bucket and then a bucket
of peaches!!?? YIKES!!!! Maybe we will dry some more...??
It is so much easier than Bottling...!!!???
The boys want more Jam!!!
That is what I will be doing till the visiting teachers get here in the morning!!!???
I just realized that I still have beans to freeze!! YIKES!!!!
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