Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

This is the Little guy and his Friend!
I took their picture before they went off on their adventure of Trick or Treating.
His Friend has a mask that is really great, but for some reason he chose to not wear it..?????
The bottom pictures with the widows peak on the Little guy was for Friday at school...
He was in too big of a hurry tonight for that!!! Candy was a calling!!! Ü

Winning Game!

We traveled to see our Grandson play football!
Their team Won!!!
It was Great to visit with our Daughter and see the Game!!
We Just don't see them like we would like!!!
We are hoping to somehow change that!!!
It was a Great Game!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Visit With MOM

As you can see... We had a Great visit with Mom today!
And the date is wrong.. My camera is
a problem child!!!
the date is Oct. 27th 2009
These pictures made us laugh!
We tried to take them with no help..
but had to finally get a helper..
We both needed the laughter!!!
Usually it is tears!
She was in such a unusual mood today..Cheerful and wanting us to hold her hands..
She still makes no sense when she talks.. but her cheerful welcome and
her reply to I love you was "I love you kids too!" So it was worth every minuet!!
When the helper took the picture.. she told Mom to smile and she did the funniest smile ever.. That made us laugh even more!!! Ü
It is always more fun to visit with my
Wonderful Sister!!!
I have the Cutest MOM ever!!!
What a Great VISIT!!! Ü
What a Great Day!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just a short note

For those who know my Dear Mom,
She has fallen again and has a black eye!
She is as of last Tuesday, 86 LBS. and counting down.
They are measuring her arm as a way to really
tell her well being and it measured 6 and 3/4 inches!! YIKES!!
Of course, I had gone every day but the one when she fell!!
She still smiles at me most visits!
My Sister has been very sick and so of course, I drop the ball
on Thursday!!!
They are going to put a pain patch on her due to pain, but
the side effects are quite scary! She will probably become bed ridden!
I don't plan to take a picture of her eye! So no pictures today..
I believe that I will be seeing her Tomorrow with my Daughter & Son Inlaw.
at least that is the plan...
As you can tell, I am very preoccupied with the Health of my MOM!!!
So when you see me next and notice that I am HUGE!! Ü Just know that I am
not handling this very well!!! I am sure that if I were more mature, It would not
get to me. But as usual.. I am not mature!! Ü so just bear or Bare with me!! HA HA

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family picture at Baptism

We were a few people short at the Baptism..

We Missed all of you!!

It was a Great event!!!

We are so Proud of the Little Guy!!!
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Baptism Day!!! 10/10/2009

We had pictures with Friends and Family..
The Family one is coming...Later.Ü
The Little guy was so excited for this
day!!! We are so glad that his buddies
were there to share in this day!!!

The little guy was Baptized with a
cousin.. They have been friends
since Kindergarten...
They had not met till then..

We have the Greatest Neighbors!!
They are so supportive of all we do!!

Due to a small omit, The little guy was baptized twice...It has to be done right
to count.. Ü

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Most Wonderous Mom

I went to see my Mom yesterday!
Here is a picture of Her!
She had had her hair done eariler
Thursday.. I thought she looked
very cute!!! Ü
I could not get her to smile...
She could not figure out what
I was doing..?? or wanting..??
When she responds.. she is still
the kind, wonderful gal we all know
and Love!!
She is just not responding much anymore.
The last picture of her, was 102 LBS..
This picture just 2 weeks later is at
90 LBS..???
As you can see, she does not have too
many 12 Lb losses left!!
I had a very nice visit Yesterday!
She seemed to know me..??
Well, she said "you have come a long ways to see me.."
So really I have no idea who she thought I was..
But It was nice that she seemed to know me..
And was glad to see me!!
I will take that any day over her not responding or
her asking who my Mother is..?? YIKES!! HA HA

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some one is Getting Baptised!!!

The Little Guy is getting Baptised
Oct. 10th @ 5:PM @ the Stake Center..
Hope to see all of you there!!!
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