Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I am in charge of a Family reunion this July.
It has been a Very Very Long time since we have
had one on this side of the Family.
This Reunion has always been my Fav!!!
So is has been with Great sadness that is was
almost ended!( Or Changed as it was Changed..)

I was always grateful that our Family had reunions.
Each Family took a turn every 2 years..
So it was always some where different..
My Favorite ones have been at Lagoon and Ceder Mountain !!!
This does not count the ones in Our Home town.
Many were held there so the Older relatives could come
and not have to travel very far..so they do not really count...

I am so SORRY that people in our Family do not Love our reunions!
I am trying to help My little Family know their Family!
How else are they to know the people they are related to
on sight other than a reunion!!???

So this July.. I am giving everyone the opportunity to See and Visit
with all their Family!!!

I hope everyone comes!