Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have been thinking about life choices! Not really my own but just choices and how they effect everyone.
If the choice is good, or Bad, it can and will effect you, your family, Neighborhood, Ward, Community, The Country..
Either for the Good or the Bad....

Our Oldest Son is thinking of Joining the Military!
At least the Army R.O.T.C.

There are pro's and Con's to each side of the "Do I or Don't I" talks..
He would have joined Friday but there was a small problem..
The Day they wanted him to begin, was the first day of Finals! So he has time to really think about it!
I am not against or for..Him joining. That has to be his decision.. I won't be the one having to do all the training and such! But all of us will be effected!!

I guess the thing that keeps going through my mind is, The Other end of the Stick..
Everything you do has another end of the stick attached to it..

For example.. In joining the Church or being active, you may not at first realize all that comes with it..
Like a church job that you will have no prior skill at,Ü, Or Visiting Teaching or Home teaching,
Ward Dinners, Enrichment gatherings, Primary things if you have kids, or are in the Primary.
There will be meals to take to people who are ill or have had a child. Service projects, picking fruit,and the cannery...Food storage, and provident Living...
All are good things, just not what you may have thought you were getting in to with believing that the Church is True!!( Which I do believe by the way!!)

Another example is when you Marry..
Do you realize before, that you just might end up never going to your own Family stuff because you will always be at your husbands family stuff and he just can't miss any ?
Or never going to theirs, but only to yours because there is a riff in their family? or a Weird Uncle?
Or that he Or She is Just like his or her Mother or Father..???

Again, The Other end of the Stick!!!!
It is there with every choice!!

I guess I wish , that I knew what the other end of the stick is for His possible choice!!
Will he have to live far away for ever?( He might anyway with his schooling choices .)
Will he be deployed even though they told him that he would not be..???
Will 6 to 8 years be too much for him to stand? (that is" if" he doesn't like it)
How will that effect his little family not to mention our whole family?? YIKES!!

Maybe the delay is just a way to say "DO SOMETHING ELSE!"
But what do I know??
Maybe there is some better choice just waiting??

I just wish that I knew!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Blue and Gold

It is that time again!

They had a very nice Dinner!

The Boy's made cakes with their Father's
and Then had a cake Walk!

They all ended up with someone elses

They are doing the Cake Walk there in the

The Funny thing about that was,

The Little Guy and another boy was the
very last 2 in the Circle!!!

The cake he came home with was
Chocolate cake with White frosting and Gummy Worms spelling out

100 years of Scounting! Funny!

The Little Guy and the 14 year old loved the cake!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Max has a new "DO".

I think the lady at the Bank, thinks we have 2 dogs!
She asked if he was the only dog today>>??

The hair cut on Max was quite drastic!
He had gotten to be such a dust mop that he was bringing in
too much leaves and dirt!
We had asked the groomer to cut his feet area a little closer..
Look close.. he gave him a poodle cut on his feet! YIKES!!
They almost look like hands! It is a little creepy!
It has started to grow out already thank heavens!
We had missed his ears being short, so we asked for them to be trimed.
And his face area was always getting dirty due to the beard like thing he had going on.
We had him trim his tail shorter so he would be cleaner..
but That left his "OHIO" license plate showing!
It is a good thing that his hair grows so fast..
One thing is for sure. The feet thing will never happen again!

It is also scary how he could be changed so easily and not look like our dog!!

I wonder what the cost is to have that tracking thing implanted???

We have really enjoyed having Max part of our Family!

We call him the Furry Brother! Ü
(The older Kids just Love that, being they are not Dog lover's!)
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

No picture's this time!

I am needing Death to take a Holiday!!!

Last Month, My Mother and My Oldest Cousin passed away.

This month, A Old Neighbor shot herself, Then my Cousin's Husband passed away,
and Then My Mother in Law's Sister passed away!

2 Funerals on Saturday and then One on Monday!! YIKES!!!!!

This is not how I was wanting to spend Valentines weekend!!!

I have just about reached the end of my rope!!!!!!

I have no plans to do anything bad...I just need things to be Happy!!!!

Death needs to Take a Holiday!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Sweet Heart's Family

Here is a picture of My Sweet Heart's Family.

I don't blog about them much
due to the fact that
his three sisters don't Blog.

I would guess if they wanted
to share things, they
would do it them selves.

This was taken after a Wedding.

They are a very "Great Looking" Family!

When we get together,
Laughter is the
name of the game!!

My Sweetie and I are heading towards 16 years of Marriage.
Plus 2 years of Dating.

I just wanted to Publicly Thank them for welcoming me,
and supporting both My Sweetie and I in all we do!

Thanks!!! Your The Best!!!
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