Thursday, May 28, 2009

Max and Molly

My in laws have a dog named Molly.
She has had nothing to do with Max since day 1.
She will growl and has nipped and walk away or climb up on some thing or some one to get away from him!
Max on the other hand has never given up on the idea of playing with her.
Well the other day... something changed!!!
She decided to PLAY!!
The funny thing is, that Max got more than he had bargained for! HA HA
It lasted about 30 to 45 Minuets! Almost like, once they started they could not stop! Ü
( this is only a few min. of the whole thing!)

Someone has a new school!!

The Little Guy has a new school.
We are here to meet his new teacher
on the Last Day of School.
For some reason, I didn't get a picture of him with her..?? I have no idea why!
He is Very excited about the whole thing!!

His Teacher seems to be a very nice lady.

We Can't wait for the new adventure to start! Ü

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


She is not doing as well as she had been before the Fall.
My Sister and I visited her Last Sunday evening,
They had already changed her into her night clothes.

Although she doesn't remember being our Mom,
She is always warm and welcoming to us anyway! Ü

I hope that I will be as good natured as my Mother!
I believe that a positive attitude is the way to go!!!
As Always, she is my example!

Awards all around

My Camera has problems!!
Almost all pictures were taken at the same place
and Time..
See the difference form one to another.
I didn't do any changes or anything!
I don't know what is wrong with it!
My 14 year old and his Cousin were given awards. and so was the little Guy..
All did good work this year.

Someone's Birthday

The Thirteen year old is now the Fourteen year old!
We had a fun party with Family and Friends.
He asked for a Cell Phone...
He will have to do extra chores and a few things.
It came in the mail today!!!
He can hardly stand it!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Best Friends!

Today is my Best Friends Birthday!!

We were lucky enough to have Lunch yesterday!

She is a Gift From God!

I don't know what I would do if anything happened to her!

This Friend has seen me through Thick and Thin!

And I mean that in every sense of the word! Ü

We have been Friends for over 25 years!

She has Always been there for ME!

I always say to her that maybe in Heaven she will get a Friend that she deserves! Ü

I hope that She has had a Great Day!!!

I Love you T.W.E.!!!!

Thanks for Your Friendship!

Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Stranger in our Neighborhood!

Did I ever mention that we had a strange visitor a few months ago ?
We drove in and saw it flying toward us.
It landed on our Neighbor's Roof.
I am sure that he was thinking that Winter was leaving sooner than it really Did!
We just could not figure out if it was flying North or South for the Winter???
A lot of COLD days have come since he flew in!
He was the Star of the Day in our neighborhood!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring is finally here! Ü

Here are a few things that tell me that Spring is here to stay!

The Birds are back,
the Garden is growing,
and Fruit is on the trees! YUM!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A wonderful Visit!

J and S came into town on Thursday for a friends wedding.
They were busy with Friends and Family.. J was able to visit G Ma with the Little Guy and I.
She was happy to see us , But I believe that she had no idea who we were!! Ü
She has been that way since Her Fall. I guess that is what a good hard whack to head will do for you!! HA
We had a Lovely visit.

She no longer has any memory of having children...
My Sister made her a book for Mother's day and she could not remember anything after her Marriage! YIKES!!
Even with the pictures of our Family, she said that she was sorry but did not remember any of it or any of us! DOUBLE YIKES!!!!
I am sure that is was just the mood I was in, But I just Cried!!!!! Which then upset her!!!!
I had not intended to upset her.. Just something in how she said it! I felt Horrible!!!
To say the least, I left in a hurry!!! I asked her if I could come see her another day and she asked me why I would need to!!!! That is how up set I made her!!!!
So Mothers day Started so Great and ended with a THUD for me!!!!!
As usual, the Daughter of the Year!!!! Ü
I am hoping that her memory will have erased this so we can start a Fresh!!!!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to All!!!
I hope your Day Ended better than Mine!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Long Time No Blog! Ü

This has been edited!

I have been rather busy lately!
But I hope that this will make up for it.

One of the cabinets that have been put in Tom's House.
We were going to put Tile, but changed our mind, So I fixed the Wall.

Here is the picture of the budget

Then there is the New Dog Door!!!
My Sweet Heart put it in the Day that it came!!
Yes , it is in the Wall!!!
We do not have a door that one could be put in!
It works Great..

It looks Great Out side too!!

Also.... Today Max is at the Vet's!
He is getting FIXED!!!! YIKES!!!!!
Sadly , he went happily!! Ü

The Little Guy was happy to pose with Max, and Max looks happy to be with him!!Ü