Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Family Gathering Dec.29th 2009

We gathered together for the last time this year..!!! Ü
There were 6 people missing.. (All from My Little family!! YIKES!!)
They were all Missed!!!!
What a crew!! Ü This was such a last Minute thing!

As you can see, Mom weighes 76 LBS!!! Double YIKES!!
I , On the other hand do NOT Weigh 76 LBS!! Ü

We have had such a Great Life with her!!

I would guess that All our Blessing started With her!

I wish that all these Grand kids had known her in her Prime!!

She has been in better Mental health this Month..??
Not physical Health.. That is on a steady decline!!
I believe that she has known us this Month of Dec!!

It has been GREAT to have all three Families here!!

That won't happen Much anymore!!!
So it was all the More special!!

Here is Wishing you and Your's


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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Boy's and Their "G"ma

We have had a few fun times with Gma of late..
There is the Christmas Party with the Big Boy's
The one with the Little Guy..
He met me at the Beehive home and was
already there and holding hands with her
and heads together and watching TV..
He said that they had a really nice Visit! ??

The Final one is Just Of Mom..
She was looking so nice that day that I
could not help but take a Picture!

She is very skinny but they keep her looking
so Great! Hair done and Jewlery on!
Her nails would be done also but
they no longer let her..
They need to see her fingernails to
track her progress or lack of progress..

I saw her today and she has maintained
her levels for a whole week..

When I came in, she Smiled and held her hand out to me..
I said" I have come to visit.."
She said " Super"
And it was!!! Ü
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