Sunday, February 19, 2012

Being a Stay At Home Mom

I taught a lesson today to the young Women. It was on Attitudes about Our Divine Roles.

Now remember.. I am not trying to offend anyone..and am sorry If I do!

I have been a Stay at home Mom more years of my life than a Working Mom..
I have always been offended by the way the World portrays Women who choose
to stay home.  I can tell you that I do more as a stay at home mom than when I
worked out side of the home..When everyone leaves at 7:30 or 8 am.. no one is home to
mess up your home till they show up at 5 or 6 pm...(this was my schedule)
You fix a meal, do homework, laundry, shower and go to bed..
If you are smart, you will have started the Laundry on the way out in the morning and then just have to dry
it that night..
 No one pats you on the back at home and gives you a paycheck
every week showing and telling you what a good job you have done..
Usually all you hear is complaints at home if you hear anything...
And ALL Mom's have a 24 hour day no matter if you work or stay home.
I totally get why a lot of women choose to Work!!! I also know that a lot Have to Work!
That said....

I have found that I use tons of skills as a stay at home mom..
I am a tour guide for the young ones. A carpet cleaner, Therapist, a carpenter, nanny, Decorator,
a Chef, a maid, a tutor, a handyman, a Plumber, A painter, an accountant, doing drywall repair,
seamstress, Gardener and sprinkler fixer...I can even repair simple computer problems.
I can even change a light fixture not just a light bulb  so a bit of a electrician!!
I even have my own drill and tools!!!!  SOOOO...
Why do they always portray women who stay home as people of no worth????
I would have to hire all the different people to come to my house to do all the things I am able to do..

I can not think of any job as important than raising children who will go out into the world and do good!!
Why do they want me to hire someone else to raise MY children????
Who is going to teach them my Family's values? My Family's traditions? Service?
Each Family is unique..  When you send your child to the Sitter.. they are learning the Sitters
values and traditions,and manners and such..
Why would the world want me to hire out something that I am totally capable of doing for my Family?
Why do they put down and degrade Women who put their Family's first?
There is nothing wrong with sacrifice!!  I am not less for putting my Family before my own stuff!!
I have learned a lot about myself while raising children..

I can say for a fact that I am very Proud of ALL the Children that have come from our Home!!!
They are all Smart, Faithful, Kind and Good workers!
People you would want as neighbors and Friends!!
I have never regretted one second spent teaching , caring and guiding them!
Granted... they are good kids and despite having me as a Mother.. They all survived it! HA
I learned all I know from my Dear sweet Mother who also choose to stay home and be a Mother..
She had a degree in English.. and taught for many years before marriage.
If you knew her, you would know that she was so much more than just a Mother..
And yet  the title she cherished most was the Title of Mother!!
I too feel that way.. I love being a Mother and Grand Mother.. 
I am Grateful of the blessing of being a stay at home Mom!!

I may have to get a job due to the economy, but will always be working toward being a
Stay at Home MOM!!!
I do not care that you choose to work or not to work.. I do care that the people of the World
 are always shouting about women's right..but  really does not support all women's rights!
What is right for me may not be right for you.. I support you.. You should support me!
There is plenty of room in this world for all of us to be happy!