Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cabin "after" pictures

Here are the after pictures!
What a difference it makes!!!!

My Father in Law, My Sweetie, and My Brother In law (JSB's Husband) & his Oldest son,
worked very hard to make this happen!!!

I believe that this weekend more work will be done
by JSB's family.

On this day, My Father in law and my Sweetie put molding around
all that was finished. My Mother in law had painted some polyurethane
on some things..Still, a lot yet to do!!!

Check out the blog just under this for the Before pictures...
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Cabin floods

This is the before pictures.
these are just a few of the pictures showing the damage from the
up stairs flood..

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Up Date On MOM

Here are the pictures of Mom , the Chair and the podium that keep getting tangled up!
When it is evening, she insists on shutting the blinds..
Her foot keeps getting caught on the chair and hitting the podium..
The first time was the back of her head.. this time , her eye area..
Although it does not look it.. She is looking sooo much better than she has been..
The Applegate people came by while I was there and said that they would be starting
physical therapy on Wed. or Thursday..
The Guy walked her around the building and talked to her about it...??
She is in good spirits!! As usual.. Always happy and smiling! Ü

Another Day at Swimming Lessons

The Little Guy moved up to Level 4 today and a new group of OLDER KIDS! HE was very nervous!!!!!
He did very well.. In fact, the teacher said that she has no problem with signing him up in 4 weeks for level 5!!! He was sooo Happy!! GOOD JOB LITTLE GUY!! Ü
The 14 year old has already passed swimming lessons.. We are thinking of him taking a Diving class..?? He finds that very fun!
The 14 year old will be leaving in 2 days for YOUTH CONFERENCE...They are going to a OLYMPIC VILLAGE!!! They are very excited!!!!
This is his first year that he is old enough to go!!! I am sure they will have a Great Time!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Little Guy's Big Day

The pictures are back wards this time.
The little guy started swim lesson's today.. they go for 2 weeks.
He was in level 3 but was bumped up to 4 after the 1st day..
So hopefully he will take 4 & 5 this year...???
It is not a the public pool so maybe, maybe not!
I have to say that I love it at the private pool!!!!
What a wonderful difference from the public one!!!!

After Swim lesson's the little guy was invited to join a Service Club.
It is just kids around his age...
We made bags to give to a care and share place that go to kids..
They were filled with donated stuff that were healthy..
and still YUMMY. Ü
They colored the bags and then filled them.
We then took them to the care and share..
For some reason... it was just us and the Lady who put this together..
But the little guy loved it!!!!
They also were able to put together a box for a family while we were there...
I believe that we will try when it is winter to gather donate..

I believe that it is important to start early with service!!!!
I think that we will be doing it at least once a month.. or once a week..??

We finished the day, spending it with My brother & my Sister's family's..
My sister in Law was ill today so they did not leave as planned..
So we took the opportunity to visit with the non ill people...
We went with everyone to the movie "UP" it is a fun but a little bit sad show..
We called it "FAMILY HOME EVENING"...Ü

Boy .. it was a long but great day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ground Hogs Day!

Was it not just a 6 weeks ago that MOM fell closing the blinds??
Well, as the blog Say's, we are having a Ground Hogs Day with this.
Last Night around 9 PM.. She fell again... closing the blinds!!
This time she hit her face.. Fracturing her skull starting at her cheek bone.
There also is damage under the EYE. She will have quite the SHINER today!!
They glued a cut on her eye brow.
She has bruised her ribs, right arm, and shoulder and hand where she had been holding her cane.

We arrived at the Emergency room around 10:00 PM and got home around 3:30 AM!!!!! YIKES
She would not sleep!!!!!! Would not quit touching her injury's. Kept trying to get up and leave.
Forgot that she even fell and telling people that. They would ask if she hurt and she would say
that she was fine, then a few Min's later, say she hurt..??

My Dear sister was with me.. She has feet problems so it was double hard for her..
Standing is the worst for the feet! For some reason, my arm and shoulder that I hurt 2 years ago hurt like crazy when I woke up! Maybe it was lifting Mom off the floor?? Or helping
My sister's husband get her in the car??? I am sure that Mom is far more sore than P.G.B and I!!

My brother and family came in to town late last night..
I wish that she would not have fallen till next week..??
Just that she will be difficult to visit with when she is in pain!

We Love our Dear MOM!!
I wish that there was some way to keep her from pain!!!
She always has such a sweet temperament and last night was no different.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Someone found the SLIP & Slide Ü

Someone found the old slip and slid in the garage.
After having to blow up the arches ,
I remember why it was in the garage! Ü

The 14 year old is at Scout Camp this week.
So the Little Guy is going stir crazy! Ü
Thank Heaven for his 2 friends on the BLOCK!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The "S" Family Gathering Minus 2

We had a Great Time today!!
Everyone minus 2 were all here!
Good Food, Conversation and Laughter
were the Order of the day! Ü
We have all enjoyed getting to know C.A..!
L.S.P. and C.A. have been dating for a while
and He is a Great GUY!
He is so Very Funny!
It would be hard not to like him!
This is the second time he has visited our home.
They are always very welcome!

D&C F. were also here.
D. F. is working full time this summer so that
C.F. can take classes to be a Teacher this coming year! She will be in class almost all of July!! GOOD LUCK Sweetie!

It was so fun to find out that both Girls have a very similar hair cut!!!! Ü
Both look Great!

We always enjoy the "Grand Son"! Ü
He is on the swim team and takes Karate!
He also plans to play Football this Fall!
He will be one FIT boy by school!

We are so blessed to have such Great KIDS!!!!
We look forward to the next time we can Gather..
I hope it will be for Father's Day!!!?????

My Brother and Sister In Law, and Family will be here for
Father's Day.. Ü
We are Hoping for a Big Family Bash!!!!!
They will be here for only a short time..
They have lots of FUN things Planned!!!
We hope that they Have such a Great Visit that they
will want to come again SOON!!!! Ü
We need to take them to the Cabin now that it is in better shape!
Maybe we can find time on their way back from FUN!!!! Ü

Update on Max

I am trying to put 2 Video's of Max on this.
They show how he walks now.
The 14 year old took the film.
We are to wait at least 2 months before we will know if he needs
a operation or if there is still some tendon left.???

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Max was injured!

This is how the little guy and Max watch TV.

Well, the other day when the Little guy was done with this activity, he pushed Max off the couch..

Max landed crazy due to the fact that he was unaware of their being done! He is not a CAT!

Well, his knee is injured. we will find out Friday if he will need Surgery!
He is taking pain meds and limping.
The Surgery won't happen till he is thru growing.
So pray that he will be walking by Friday!!
HE is a 3 legged dog right now!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Crazy Sister!

By personal request of my Sister, I have removed the Pictures!
But they will reappear if she doesn't quit taking them of me!

Mad and Crazy Sunday!

I always for get that the first pictures are the last ones shown!

Well, lets start off with going to see MOM.
C&D F. came over and we went with my Sister .
While there, We took some very nice pictures of
them with G-Ma.
Then my sister went CRAZY!!!
She would not quit taking pictures of me!!
She knows that is WRONG! I am not Photogenic!
What was she thinking????
I will post more pictures on the next post!
Then we have Haircuts all all around!
C.F does a nice cutting job!
We also had our Grandson here over night from Saturday to Sunday..
I have no idea why I have no pictures???
Brain Cramp I guess!!!???
It was my turn to teach Gospel Doctrine this week also.
3 degrees of Glory! For some reason, it was the hardest lesson for me !
I almost pretended to be ILL!!! That is awful! It is so great that our Class is so forgiving! Ü
How Grateful I am that My Sweetie is the teacher this coming week!
I need a mental break!
It was Great to see C&D and my Sister(Even though she went Crazy!) and MOM.
We also Visited at My In Laws earlier too..
It is so Nice to have such Great Families!